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Favourite dress


Dress Zimmermann, shoes Valentino, bag and sunglasses Chanel

Every woman should have a dress that instantly makes her feel fabulous. For me this is the dress. Even though it shows quite a lot of cleavage and that’s not something I usually go for, it seems to nip in in the right places and it just feels right and lifts me up.

When I wear it I feel more confident, I love the print and cut and it’s not a coincidence that it’s by Australian brand Zimmermann. I absolutely love their clothes. They are rather expensive and usually out of my budget but so far I’ve bought two of their dresses (both on sale) and they are among my favourite pieces in my wardrobe.

I do love my ASOS as mentioned quite a lot of times on the blog and you may have noticed that I often wear their clothes, but once in a while I like to invest in something a little bit more special and Zimmerman is so worth it. The fabrics they use, their prints, cuts, attention to detail is just impeccable.

I also love the fact that this dress can be dressed up and down. I like to get a decent wear out of my clothes (especially if I invest) and the more ways you can wear it the better. Since I bought it, I felt it could have been used for so many different occasions. It was definitely ideal to wear during the heatwave in London. Easy breezy, may the good weather continue.

Have you got a favourite dress/brand that always seem to work?








Have a stylish day.


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Polka dot dress


Dress ASOS, shoes Tabitha Simmons, bag Gucci, earrings H&M, sunglasses Chanel

Fit and flare dresses are my favourite. They are flattering for most body types and they are comfortable to wear. They create an illusion of a waist (if you don’t have any like me..) or accentuate it if you have a great one. I bought this exact dress in 2 colours – plain pink and this one, that’s how much I love it (I am totally that kind of person that if I like something I buy it in multiple colours).

It was only £25 from Asos (unfortunately it’s sold out now). I love the off the shoulder detail and the print. I never used to be a fan of polka dot but now I’m hooked. It’s so pretty and girly and surprisingly easy to wear. I have another polka dot dress in my saved items list so you may see another one soon.

Are you a fan of polka dots?

Have you been enjoying summer so far? How great has the weather been? I can’t wait for the weekend as I have some nice things planned and I’m going to Paris on Monday. Can’t come quick enough. I’m obsessed with Paris.

Have you got any exciting plans this weekend?








Have a stylish day.


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Rosy life


Dress ASOS (from last year), sandals Prada, bag via Amazon, sunglasses Miu Miu, bracelet Lola Rose

Life is good. As I am writing this drinking my first coffee of the, the sun is shining and that fact alone is making me happy. I love sunshine and warm weather. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it countless of times but due to unpredictable British weather that’s not always guaranteed so I appreciate it even more when it’s nice.

Anyway as we’re nearly halfway through the year I wanted to do a little life update and how I’m doing with my monthly tasks and things in general. One of the main goals was to try to find a man (at 36 I feel a bit of pressure from people around me) and it hasn’t happened yet. It certainly doesn’t get any easier as you get older..

But the main goal is to be happy. Single or settled. Try new things, learn something new, visit new places and simply enjoy every day. And I think that’s going well. I feel content and positive. Life is not perfect but it never is. My big focus lately has been my blog and social media ( I am slightly obsessed with Instagram)  and as frustrating as it sometimes can be, it means being creative and I definitely  enjoy that.

I try to push myself and make my content interesting therefore really think about new locations for shoots or places to visit that are interesting and/or photogenic and it’s been a fun process. I hope you enjoy what I do and I am forever grateful for all your likes and comments and support.

On a completely different note, these Prada sandals are the most comfortable ever! I’ve walked through many cities in them including cobbled Rome and I just love them. I must say they are a bit scratched now after all that use and I definitely want to get them in another colour. Comfort is key and they look pretty too!

How are you all? I would love to know more about you.








Have a stylish day.



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8 things to do this summer


The official start of summer is fast approaching and all you might be thinking about is your vacation. But what about days off and weekends and long evenings.. What do you do with them? I’ve rounded up few things I’m planning to do and you may enjoy too to make the most of this great season.


  1. Spend time outdoor. Now is the time to be outside and enjoy the prettiest season. Everything is blossoming, the weather is nice, days are longer and I’m trying to spend as much time as possible outside. Whether it’s in numerous London’s parks (Regent’s (one of my favourite), Holland (if you haven’t visited the Japanese garden yet you must), St. James’, Hyde park (the rose garden is colourful right now and oh so pretty) to name a few) or just strolling along the river (Southbank is the place to be and there is always so much happening) to be indoors now seem such a shame. Although…
  2. Visit exhibition. Well there has been rain too and sometimes you just want to soak in some culture. The thing I love about London is the endless amount of museums and galleries and so much stuff you can see for free! I think people take it for granted but it really is amazing how much beautiful art you can see without spending a penny. I am definitely planning to the see the Cartier in motion (until July 28) at the Design museum and Balenciaga: Shaping fashion  (paid one) exhibitions in the coming weeks.
  3. Watch opera and/or ballet for free! I love both and this combines being outdoor and soaking up culture! Royal Opera House are doing 3 screenings live from Covent garden projected on big screens and you can watch it all for free. I mean how amazing is that? See you there.. Here’s all the details.


4. Eat and drink al fresco. It’s my favourite way to enjoy food and beverages and there are countless places to do that. Whether you meet up for coffee and cake with friends (Peggy Porschen and Laduree are always a good idea), go for brunch (Dalloway Terrace is next on my list) or go all out for something new (hello The Ned) there’s nothing more pleasant than enjoying something yummy in a good company with a sun shining above you.

5. Fill up your house with flowers. I’ve been buying peonies constantly (why is their season so short?) and also roses and can’t wait to make a trip to a flower field somewhere and pick some wild flowers. They are bound to make you smile. And let’s not forget levander! I am definitely planning a visit to levander field. Smells wonderful and is so photogenic.


6. Have a picnic. Take a blanket (extra points for pretty colourful one), fill a basket with all the things you like (for me it’s lot of fruit and cheese among other things) call your friends and have a catch up. I love picnics and BBQs because what’s better than food and friends combined?

7. Go to the beach. It’s good for the soul. I hardly ever go on beach holidays as a prefer city breaks and doing culture things rather than lying on the beach, but I make sure I spend at least few days there. There lots of lovely beaches not too far from London and I will definitely make at least couple of day or two days trips. Getting a tan and eating fish and chips by the seaside definitely must be done.

8. Take a trip. Get in a car, hop on a plane, take a bus or a train and go somewhere new. Or return to somewhere you really liked. I want to go to Cambridge as so far it’s my favourite place in England outside London. Have you been? It’s such a charming town. But I definitely want to see some new places too. Everything looks better in a sunshine and will make a better impression. Although it’s always nice to discover new destinations and it doesn’t even have to be far!

What are your plans this summer? What do you think I’ve forgotten but should have included?


Have a stylish day.


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Bargain hunter’s paradise


ASOS dress and earrings (sold out), shoes Valentino, clutch YSL, sunglasses MIU MIU, bracelet Lola Rose, ring YSL

Living in England for so many years as I have been (16 and counting) you never get used to the changeable weather, but you certainly get used to talking about it a lot. It’s a subject that appears in many conversations and there’s definitely loads to tell.

You can have it all in one day. Rain, sleet, sunshine, raninbow, the lot.. It seemed like summer has arrived and then we went straight back to winter. This Tuesday many opted for boots and I wore my faux fur gilet because it was that cold! But I think it’s meant to get better again and I can pull out my summer dresses once more and enjoy beautiful sunshine.

Like on the day couple of weeks ago when it was hot and there was not a cloud in the sky and I celebrated with my yellow dress to match the mood. Bright and happy 🙂

I bought the dress on ASOS website which you may have noticed I am slightly obsessed with. I literally check every day what’s new and shop there probably once a week if not more. I often tend to go for their own brand. It’s decent quality and the prices are great. You can’t go wrong. And the service is very good. By the way this is NOT a sponsored post I genuinely love them.

Case in point this dress. It was in the sale for £19 yes that’s £19!! and I couldn’t resist. I mean how could you? If you’re looking for a bargain this definitely is the place. They have something for every budget. But back to this dress. Doesn’t it just put a smile on your face? I think yellow is a really happy colour. Now we just need more sunshine so I can wear it again.

What is your favourite website to shop at?








Have a stylish day.


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Day to evening dress


Dress and earrings ASOS, bag Chanel, shoes Valentino, bracelet Lola Rose, sunglasses Miu Miu

In my eyes, this dress is perfection. Something pink? Yes. One shoulder? Yes. Ruffle? Yes. Perfect length, fit and flare style and good fabric. You can easily transition it from day to night and I just love it. The only reason I haven’t been wearing it more is the weather..

Don’t even get me started on the weather. The one thing I really dislike about London and living in England.. Constant source of upset and good topic for conversation if you have nothing else to talk about..

But let’s get back to pretty dresses. I’m on constant lookout for nice day dresses as I think they’re harder to find. You can always find evening dresses or outfits for work (smarter/business) but pretty more casual styles? That’s why I’m preparing a little round up for you of few styles I found. This one is definitely somewhere at the top of the list.

Where is your favourite place to shop for day dresses?








Have a stylish day.



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Palm tree dress



Shoes (from last year), dress , earrings (similar) all ASOS, bag Gucci, sunglasses Miu Miu

When you find a perfect dress with a lovely palm leaf print, you go and visit palm tree house for the occasion. And if it happens to be the hottest day of the year so far you may feel for a minute like you’re actually on vacation.

This is true story and I can tell you it’s rather humid in the Palm house so these photos were taken very quickly. But what a lovely day we had and I definitely recommend you visiting Kew Gardens when you’re in London. It makes for a lovely day out and you can take a picnic with you and you won’t be short of things to do.

The gardens are vast and if you want to see it all it will take quite some time. But what lovely time it will be. They have rare plants and wide variety of beautiful flowers and I felt in heaven. It certainly smells heavenly and I can’t think of a better way to spend a summer day.

When the weather in London is good there’s no better place to be and if you haven’t been to Kew Gardens yet, make sure you add it to your list.

As for the dress? I mean how lovely is the print. And it fits so well and is flattering for most shapes. The frills that are so fashionable right now are an added bonus.

If you fancy a tropical vacation but it’s not an option for whatever reason both the dress or a visit to Kew are the second best thing.








Have a stylish day.