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Beauty: Dior facial


In March I was invited by Dior at Harvey Nichols London for a luxurious facial and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It was just after the freezing spell we had with lots of snow (which played a havoc on my skin) and my trip to Barcelona (flying never helps a dry skin..) and before my birthday (when you always want to look your best).

I’ve said this here before that I have a very dry skin and shared my routine here, but I realise you have to change your skincare regularly because otherwise your skin gets used to it and the products become less effective. As mentioned above all those circumstances had a really bad effect of my skin and it was in a desperate need of some TLC. So when the invitation came I couldn’t have been more excited.

I was actually planning on trying some new products to really give my skin a hydration boost and after my Dior facial I purchased the Rose serum which has been a lifesaver. I’ve been using it over a month now, mostly at night because that’s when your skin rejuvenate and active ingredients are most effective and I can literally see the difference! I even have a bit of glow which is a rare for me and few people have noticed and commented. If you have a very dry skin, whether always of after this very long and tough winter, you should give this a try.

During my facial Anja (the therapist) mainly used 3 Dior products from the Prestige range. It was the serum that I ended up buying, Nectar and Hydration cream and I got some luxurious samples of those to take home as well and I can tell you I love the whole range. It is a bit pricey, but if your skin needs a boost it’s worth the investment. As I’m getting older I am definitely paying more attention to my skin and pamper it more because it really does make a difference.

Usually this facial is £150 redeemable agains products purchased on the day from Dior and it’s really worth it. I’m already planning to go in May, because regular facials are so important and to get a free facial while purchasing your favourite products from your favourite brand makes a good sense to me.

The whole experience is very relaxing too and who doesn’t need a bit of me time. Anja also gave me a bit of a massage of my shoulders and neck with the Dior oil and it felt heavenly. After you will be glowing I can guarantee you that because I was and my skin is usually very dry.

I must say I’m really into Dior skincare and make up now. I’ve bought quite a few bits from them recently and I’m very happy with them all. I am currently using their foundation and have quite a few lipsticks so will do a review soon.

Have you tried any Dior products? What is your favourite?

This is NOT a sponsored post. I genuinely love these products.



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Spring wardrobe staple


Dress Erdem (old), bag Dolce and Gabbana, shoes Chanel, coat Burberry

Spring is my favourite time of the year and last week when we had the beautiful weather just made me so happy. I live for blossom and spring dresses. The minute it starts getting warmer I reach for lighter fabrics like lace and broderie anglaise and try to spend as much time as I can outside.

My wardrobe staple not only in the Spring but all year round really is Little White Dress. I couldn’t tell you how many I own in various fabrics and options but they are so great on so many levels. With LWD you can easily dress it up or down and they are suitable for any occasion (except for wedding!). In the coming weeks I will share with you many looks and ways how to style LWD.

I believe that unlike Little Black Dress that can look a bit harsh on certain skin types and heavy for some occasions, the Little White Dress suit anyone and really goes anywhere any time.

This little number is from Erdem and it was such a lucky purchase. I bought it for about 80% off the price in the sales last summer. It was the last one they had and I thought it looked a bit small at first, but it fitted perfectly and it’s such a nice dress to have in your wardrobe. I love the fact that it’s got a little sleeve and it’s not too short. The fabric is gorgeous and  the bow is a nice little touch. It would look nice to style all monochrome with black and white accessories but as you may know I love to add a little pink to my outfits, this time opting for my Dolce and Gabbana Sicily bag that has become one of my favourite bags and I’m actually thinking about getting it in another colour as well. It’s such a nice shape and I love handbags with a top handle. But more about that another time..

In a typical English fashion I added my Burberry trench coat to add an extra layer because if you live in the UK you know a) the weather can change at any minute and b) even on the hottest of days the evenings tend to cool down and it’s good to be prepared.

I wore this outfit to my belated birthday dinner at 5 Hertford Street in Mayfair. It’s a member’s club only and I was invited by a friend who is a member. The food was delicious and atmosphere nice but you are not allowed to take pictures so unfortunately I can’t share with you any. It’s probably the first time I had nearly a month of celebrations because my birthday was close to the Easter and many people were away so we just celebrated at different times.  It was lovely and I am very grateful I have some amazing people in my life.

Do you like white dresses? What’s your favourite way to style them?







Have a stylish day.


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Favourite trend for Spring: Polka dot


Trends come and go and I don’t tend to follow them, but there is one big trend this spring and I am jumping on board, because that trend is polka dot and I have always been a fan.

Case in point this dress from last year and my outfit for my birthday celebrations recently  I have a soft spot for polka dot (excuse the pun). And how do you know it’s going to be a big trend come Spring? If Spring ever comes… It’s already everywhere in the shops and I am obsessed. Apart from this top and birthday dress I already purchased this skirt and this top, I am eyeing these shoes and that’s probably not all..

Judging by your comments on my Instagram you love polka dot too. Everyone seems to agree that they are chic and timeless even though they are having their moments now. They will always be here, maybe not so much in the spotlight (another pun?!) but they are a trend that keeps on giving. So don’t be afraid giving polka dots a try even if you don’t like to buy into trends because these will be items you will keep reaching for in the years to come.

Do you like polka dots? Are you new to them? Polkadot2





Wearing: top, jeans, shoes and bag Chanel, necklace APM Monaco

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Embracing your age no matter what the number


Earlier this week I turned 37. I had a lovely day celebrating with my friends (you can read all about it here) but I’m not going to lie and say it was easy. No one likes getting older right?

My birthday was on Monday and on Saturday before I had had a little break down. I’d been feeling a bit down for a few days and when everyone was making a fuss about the upcoming day and asking me whether I was excited I just started crying. I’m not sure why and it’s completely silly. I started talking to a lot of friends about how I felt and learnt something very important. No matter what the age, most of us feel like we should be somewhere else, doing something else, are underachieving etc. We are too harsh on ourselves!

So I decided to embrace my age and concentrate on the positives. Yes I’m still single and the older you get the harder it seems to meet someone, but I’m free to do what I want and I’d rather be single than in a bad relationship. And yes I haven’t achieved all the career goals I hoped for, but I enjoy what I’m doing and I have my blog and social media which are my creative outlets and that makes me very happy.

Another big dream of mine is travelling and I must say that in my 36th year of life I have ticked quite a few destinations off my list. I visited Croatia, Venice, Barcelona and Paris few times so that’s not a bad going and I’m going to Florence in May which I can’t wait for and Czech Republic in July (see where else I’m hoping to go in the near future here) I’ve made some of these trips alone and that has been a big learning curve. I never though I’d be able to go on a holiday on my own but it’s actually very empowering. Learning to do these things on your own gives you more confidence and sense of freedom. And yes I’d love to meet someone one day but I’m doing rather well on my own.

I think we need to stop being so critical to ourselves and concentrate on the things we achieved. I first arrived to London a week before my 20th birthday (17 years ago) and that was before Czech Republic joined the EU so my only option was to be an au pair. I’ve come a long way since then. And I/we tend to forget those little achievements. But even living on your own and being independent is a big thing to do and not everyone could do it.

I am trying to work on those dreams every day. I think sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture and sometimes you have to break those big dreams into little goals and do a little by little to achieve what you want. You’re never too old to do what you love and makes you happy. There’s right time for everything and it’s very easy to forget but we need to remind ourselves every single day.

I promise myself to be kinder to me from now on and pat myself on the back even for the little things. Life is not always easy and we all have our doubts and down days, but let’s stop for a moment and put things into perspective and concentrate on the good in life.

How do you deal with negative thoughts? Are you happy where you are at your age?








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Birthday Afternoon Tea at the Ritz

Wearing ASOS dress, Chanel shoes, Dolce and Gabbana bag

Yesterday (Monday) I turned 37. And what a better way to celebrate than afternoon tea at the Ritz?

Last year I went to Paris for 3 days just before my birthday and I went for a tea and cake at The Ritz there because I am a huge fan of Coco Chanel and if it was good enough for her it is good enough for me. It had undergone a huge refurbishment and I wanted to visit it and it did not disappoint. This year my friend suggested to go the Ritz in London so I could compare the two and I thought it was a brilliant idea. I love Afternoon Teas (I’m preparing a blog post about some of my favourite ones) and so we decided to book it for my birthday and maybe even make it a new tradition.

Call me silly but one of the things about Afternoon teas and birthdays is a perfect excuse to dress up and of course buy new outfit. I had been deciding between few dresses and found this one last minute on ASOS on ordered it literally couple of days before my actual birthday. It fitted perfectly and I loved it so that was my outfit sorted. When I was younger I remember the weather used to be much warmer around my birthday and it usually already felt like Spring which hasn’t been the case lately and especially this year so I wasn’t sure if wearing a sleeveless dress was the best idea but the sun came out and it was very warm at The Ritz so I was glad I decided to go for it and I felt really nice in it.

I thought because we went on a Monday it wouldn’t be very busy but that was a mistake. It was very busy and if you’re planning on going I would recommend you booking well in advance. We booked it at the beginning of January. But despite it being busy there was a nice atmosphere. There was a pianist playing some lovely music and it was buzzing but  pleasant. At one point the pianist started playing Happy Birthday song and few waiters came out with little cakes with candles and I got one along with some other people. I though that was really nice touch although I was probably blushing. Especially when everyone started clapping but fortunately like I said I wasn’t the only birthday girl there.

The food was tasty. On the top tier we had few deserts and I of course tried the pink one which was with raspberries and was delicious and then I had lots of sandwiches. My favourite was with salmon. When we ate them all they brought more and after they brought the scones and jam and cream. The scones were fresh and warm and although I am not a big fan of scones I did have one. It was yummy. In the end they brought an extra dessert and it was a selection of either chocolate mousse cake (so delicious) and apple pie and surprisingly I went for that one (I’m more of a chocolate person) but I did not regret my decision. It was the best apple pie I had ever tasted. And of course I tried the chocolate mousse cake from my friend.

Everything tasted very nice and we had a glass of champagne too and I went for rose infused tea and a bit of my friend’s coffee. It’s funny because I’m not really into sandwiches and cakes but I love Afternoon teas. I think it’s the whole tradition and the fine China and the atmosphere about Afternoon teas I love. I’ve already tried few in London and I definitely recommend the one at The Ritz. The place itself is amazing (lot of pink which I did not expect), the toilets are amazing (I’d happily just hang out int there – it looks beautiful, they have chaise lounge there, bottled water and magazines – what more to ask for?) and despite being busy the staff were attentive and I loved the live music.

Overall I had a nice experience and a lovely birthday. I went with two friends and afterwards we had few more drinks in a nearby bar and although I was a bit apprehensive about turning 37 it couldn’t have started better and I’m excited about what the year is going to bring.

Have you been to the Ritz? Did you like it?








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Have a stylish day.


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How I dropped a dress size without dieting


Skirt ASOS, blouse Zara similar, shoes Chanel, bag Dolce and Gabbana

I’m not here to talk about some miracle solution or a quick fix but I did drop a dress size and lost about 7kg not by dieting by changing my overall eating habits and while I had to make some sacrifices I can still eat a lot and never go hungry. And I will share with you my story.

I was always fairly healthy eater. I love fruit and veg, I’m not a big fan of heavy meals and prefer lighter options and I don’t really overeat, but my weakness is and always have been cheese and I used to eat a lot of bread (not because I loved it but because it’s an easy option).

My friend had been telling me for ages about Madeline Shaw books and how she loved the recipes and she felt better eating those delicious meals so I decided to give it a go. I purchased two of Shaw’s books – Ready, steady, glow and Get the glow. Little did I know all of the recipes were gluten and dairy free. So even though I still ate a lot I made two drastic changes – no cheese and milk and bread and pasta.

I switched to drinking black coffee which surprisingly wasn’t that difficult and now I can’t imagine coffee any other way. Cheese was the hardest to give up, but she allows you to have goat’s cheese and halloumi (which is my new obsession) because neither of them contains cow’s milk (it’s lactose from cow’s milk that is bad for you). So that wasn’t actually that bad and I never loved bread so that was easy not to have. I started making her recipes which really are delicious and usually easy to make (I’m not the best of cooks..) and could actually tell a difference in how I felt. What was only originally meant to be a week’s detox has developed into a complete lifestyle change and although I’m not as strict as I have been for first three months, I stick to it about 80 percent of the time because I really do feel better when I eat that way.

The weight loss has been kind of unexpected. It wasn’t why I started it in the first place, but it’s obviously welcome. I feel the best I have felt in a long time and I generally have more energy. Sometimes I slip and eat more naughty food but I can feel the difference and it’s generally easy to go back to my healthy habits. I can really tell when I’m eating good food and when not. I am not a coeliac (allergic to gluten) but maybe I am intolerant as I always used to be bloated and felt sluggish and that has mostly gone and I just genuinely feel better eating this way.

I know there has been a bit of a trend to go gluten free and I don’t thing it’s for everyone, but to be honest for me it was more about giving wheat (which is not the best for anyone..) that has made the biggest difference and of course lactose. I have been reading a lot about it and lactose is actually quite bad for most people and when I do have some (like I said I have my treats nowadays..) I can feel like heavy it is in my stomach. So then I’m happy to go back to being good because it feels better and therefore it’s not difficult to keep these habits. I have my days when I indulge but not very often.

So what I eat in a typical day?

For breakfast I usually have gluten free porridge or musli (I like to make it with water – don’t ask me why), but you can use coconut milk or almond milk (they are both delicious alternatives) I always add cinnamon and some seeds and then vary the toppings like berries or almond butter or whatever else I fancy.

For lunch I will often have rice, quinoa or buckwheat with chicken or fish or roasted vegetables with sweet potatoes. I try to use some of Madeline Shaw’s recipes – the lunches I tend to make the most from her books. After lunch I usually have coffee and a little treat. I love these “healthy cakes” as I call them which are gluten, dairy, wheat and refined sugar free but actually taste amazing. They are a bit pricey but I’d rather get that than a chocolate bar and you know they’re made from good ingredients. There’s a lot of them out there these days and you can get them in healthy shops and many other places.

I need to eat regularly (I’m hungry all the time) so I snack on fruit, nuts or oatcakes.

For dinner it’s usually salad with halloumi, fish or other protein. Dinner is where I am strictest. I have big breakfast and lunch but try to control myself in the evenings. Saying that, when I go out for dinner I often go for steak or burger (and try to resist the fries and bun). But I believe in everything in moderations so sometimes I’ll have the fries and sometimes I will even have pizza!

As I said at the beginning I was strict for about 3 months (that’s when the weight loss happened) but I’ve kept the weight down since even with my healthy cakes and occasional naughty treats. It’s been over a year now and I really do feel better and get compliments all the time how I look better so that always helps 🙂

I hope this was helpful to you. If you’re thinking about making some eating changes I do think these are healthy attainable habits and I would recommend you to get the books as they changed my life and hopefully they will change yours too. If you do so let me know I would love to hear about your experience.

On a quick not I would like to say that we’re very lucky here in London because there is many places with healthy meal options if you want to eat out. This post was show at the Dalloway Terrace where I had a delicious quinoa salad and they had lot of other yummy options too, I also like Elan cafe (they have a great selection of gluten free cakes), but that place get very busy and Farm girl has a lot of great options too. But this is just a few out of many. What are your favourite places for healthy food?

In this post from about year and a half ago you can see the difference in my appearance I think. What do you think?

Have you tried gluten or wheat free diet? Do you consume dairy? How do you feel?







Have a stylish day.


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How to dress in between seasons


Zara jeans, top and blazer (seem to have sold out online already!), Dolce and Gabbana bag, shoes and sunglasses Chanel

Although I am very excited for Spring (and it seems we’ve had first few little moments) I find this time of the year very tricky to dress for. Anyone else? It’s still very cold in the mornings but it starts warming up int the afternoons and you’re fed up with your winter coats but you still need something. My tip is definitely layering. AND Spring jackets.

I LOVE Chanel style tweed/boucle jackets and I have quite a few. My dream is to own a Chanel one one day, but for now I buy at least one every season at Zara. They are really one of the best places for nice jackets and blazers and I have quite a collection (few examples herehere and here.) I think they look just as chic with jeans as they do with dresses and you can easily dress them up or down. They are your best friend this time of the year.

When it’s still cool I put winter or trench coat on top (depending on the temperature) and when it warms up I just wear them with a simple top underneath or over dresses. I find them very versatile and keep buying more and more.

I don’t know how about you but I can’t go to Zara and leave empty handed. Like I said, every season I go and see their new jackets, but on my last trip I also picked up these cropped jeans and knitted top which is great for this time of year too (ok maybe not the jeans..). And there have been few trips since.. (guilty face). But Zara is great for updating your wardrobe for Spring without breaking the bank. The older I get the more I appreciate good quality and buying great timeless staples, but adding from high street you can tap into trends and mix and match with your classic pieces.

The downside to shopping at Zara is that thousands of other people will own the same thing. My tip to make your outfit different and more expensive is to add designer accessories. That’s where I invest my money into. I have a weakness for high end handbags but I really do believe they make the outfit. So even though all my clothes in this outfit are from Zara latest collection, I added my new favourite Dolce and Gabanna bag and Chanel slingback (that are the best shoes ever) and I believe that make the outfit stand out more.

What do you think? Do you like this look? What is your Spring must have?





Have a stylish day.