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Top 5 destinations I’m planning/hoping to visit this year

jumperdress4Wearing: jumper dress via ASOS comes in grey too, boots Stuart Weitzman, bag Gucci, earrings Baublebar, sunglasses Chanel

Ok I admit these photos were taken few months ago when there were still leaves on the ground, so they may seem irrelevant. But a) January is not that photogenic and the weather we have been having lately has been awful and b) I live in jumper dresses from early autumn, all throughout winter until early Spring. So I have worn this or very similar outfit many times since we took these photos.

But what I want to be talking about today is not what I’m wearing but what I’m planning to do this year, or more specifically where I’m planning to go. Yes January is depressing and seems never ending that’s why I’ve already started thinking about where I want to visit this year and I already booked two trips. I’ve been a busy girl who needs something to look forward to!

There are five main destinations I would like to cover in 2018. Two are places I’ve been before and three are completely new for me. So let’s start with what I booked already:

  1. Barcelona – I must say overall Spain doesn’t appeal to me that much. I don’t know why. I’ve always been drawn to Italy and France much more. But Barcelona looks amazing and some of the architecture there is unbelievable. I am going mid-March for a long weekend and I am actually getting pretty excited. I’ve been looking on Instagram for some inspiration and have found many places I’d like to see while I’m there. Apart from the obvious like Park Guell and Sagrada Familia I’ve found out there is an Arc of Triumph that certainly rivals the one in Paris and I’ve even found pink palace that I simply must see! I can’t wait to share with you the trip later in March but in the meantime if you have been to Barcelona, feel free to give me any tips on places to eat, see and things to do.
  2. Florence – for an art lover and someone who loves Italy as much as I do, it’s a surprise it’s taken me so long to visit Florence. It really should have been the number one, but better late than never. I’ve booked a trip for a 5 days in May and I cannot wait. There is so much to see in Florence not only when it comes to beautiful architecture and sights but it’s a place where Renaissance was born and the art on display there is just out of this world. Botticelli and his Birth of Venus is one of my favourite paintings and you can bet I will be visiting it in the Uffizi gallery. That’s one of the places I’m most excited to see. But I think I will love everything about Florence. And like I said I love Italy anyway, the food and everything else so this is a trip that literally can’t come quick enough.
  3. Amsterdam – I’ve never been to Holland and have heard many good things about the capital. I also follow a blogger who’s from there and it looks so pretty. I think I want to go for a long weekend. I want to check out the architecture and there are some interesting museums to see too. Haven’t booked anything yet, but this should definitely happen this year.
  4. New York City – I visited in 2010 (which seems like a century ago) and have been meaning to go back ever since. For one reason or another it hasn’t happened yet but it’s a top top of my list. I’m thinking about going in September because that’s a good time to travel to most places and the weather is usually very pleasant or I’m tempted to wait and go before Christmas to see all the Christmas decorations. The only problem with that is the unpredictable weather. NYC is know for its blizzards and I wouldn’t want to have any issues with flights and also I’m not a big fan of “winter” holidays, if anything I prefer to chase the sun.  But hopefully I can plan something because I really love New York and I feel I actually haven’t done that much last time I went. Plus it was so long ago it’s definitely time to go back.
  5. Paris – yes I’ve been to Paris many times already but there is so much more to see. For example (and you won’t believe this) I still haven’t been inside the Louvre. The reason being I know when I go there it will kill good part of a day and there have been many places I wanted to see prior to doing that. But it has to be done. And also many other things. What I love about living in London is that it’s so easy to jump on a Eurostar and be in Paris in few hours. I went many time for one day only and you can do a lot even in a day. There will definitely be more day trips this year. I just can’t get enough of the French Capital.

I also want to explore more of the UK. I love the British country side and for example I still haven’t been to Devon or Cornwall and I heard they are both beautiful. There is just so much to see in the world and I want to see it all.

What are your travel plans for this year? Have you booked any holidays yet? What are your favourite countries to travel to?




Have a stylish day.


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Bargain dress and how to style it


Wearing: Dress Zara, boots Nicholas Kirkwood, bag Valentino, belt Gucci, jacket Boohoo, earrings Baublebar

Don’t you just love it when you get a great dress for a great price. Or any bargain for that matter. I mentioned it quite a few times that I like mixing high street and designer and when you get any of them for a good price it enjoy wearing them even more. Take this dress for example. Even at full price it was £29.99. Can you believe it?! Add a designer belt and you have an elevated outfit. The dress since went on sale on unfortunately now sold out online mostly but here’s a link anyway and hopefully you can get your size or maybe you can find it in one of Zara stores. If you do make sure you buy it because it’s so easy to dress up or down and wear for many different occasions.

And if you can’t find it don’t despair, I’ve linked few other nice options here:

Can’t go wrong with off the shoulder 1, I’m obsessed with the colour 2, great for evening and such a great price 3, I love a good shirt dress 4, stripes are always a good idea 5

What have you been buying in the sales?





Have a stylish day.










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How to beat those winter blues


Dress via ASOS (now half price!), boots ASOS old, bag Valentino

I don’t know about you but January can be a struggle for me. Yesterday I was feeling down all day for no reason. But when you get up and it’s dark and finish work and it’s dark and there is hardly any sunshine and it’s constantly grey it’s harder to be upbeat. We all suffer from winter blues unless you live somewhere where it’s nice and sunny all year round. But maybe those people get sad too.

It’s not just the weather anyway.  I think we all love that exciting time before Christmas, the anticipation of unwrapping presents, all the decorations everywhere.. It’s a wonderful time of the year. And then the celebrations of the year that has been and what’s to come. And suddenly it’s all over and there seems to be this big anticlimax. The winter has been too long by now, wearing boots and cosy jumpers is not a novelty any more and we seem to have nothing to look forward to. But I’ve come up with few ideas that make January and February (my two least favourite months) more bearable.

I’m not going to let winter win. Who’s with me? Starting with setting no unachievable New Year’s resolutions (they can only make you feel worse) but realistic goals. If you love chocolate and tell yourself you’ll have no chocolate at all for the rest of your life it can only make you miserable right? How about reducing the amount of chocolate. Or if you never exercise telling yourself you’ll exercise every day is probably going to be a big fail too. So start with small achievable targets like doing a bit of exercise at least once or twice a week. And then start adding up.

My main goal for this year (as I already mentioned in this post) is to concentrate on the blog. Being creative makes me happy and blogging makes me happy. Although sometimes I find it hard to find the balance between my full time job and spending time on the blog. But that’s the goal to find the balance and do more of what I love.

Also I think January is a good time to start planning some holidays. Not only there is a lot of good deals around, when you have something to look forward to it definitely makes grey days better. My plans for this year is to visit NYC, Florence, Barcelona and Amsterdam (let’s see how many I can tick off) and I’ve been looking at few websites already. Time to start booking! Also I may go for few day trips to Paris as I love them. They’re so easy to make from London. What places do you want to visit this year?

But all these things are long term or for the future. So how to make yourself happier now? Do things you enjoy and maybe try new things. It’s always great to discover something new and you may learn new things about yourself while you’re at it. When it’s grey and horrible outside there’s nothing better than getting under a blanket and get gripped by a good book (sometimes I find it hard to find time for it although I love books!) or visiting a museum or gallery. We’re very lucky here in London as there is so much on offer but I’m sure that where you live there are some exhibitions or other cultural stuff happening. Check your local papers or have a look on the internet.

I went to Paris on the 5th January to see the Dior exhibition and it was amazing. It made me so happy and inspired. There’s nothing to get your creative juices flowing than visiting an exhibition. See pictures here. There’s quite a few of them also here. And today I went to see a Harper’s Bazaar exhibition at the Fashion and Textile museum in London. There was some great photography on display and again it left me inspired. For me doing things like this really make life much better and while I love spending time outdoors I can’t think of anything better when it’s cold and miserable. I always share lots of insights on my instastories so even if you can’t go you can experience it so make sure you follow my Instagram.

Also this time of the year more than any is important to make time for your friends, meet up somewhere nice for coffee and cake and have a good old catch up. You will all feel better for it. And how about watching a movie? There seem to be quite a few coming out in the next few weeks. The two I definitely want to see are All the money in the world (real story about the Getty family) and Darkest hour (about Winston Churchill). What movies can’t you wait to see?

But there’s also little things you can do every day that can make you smile. Like buying yourself fresh flowers (or buying them for someone else), de-cluttering your wardrobe and making it ready for spring or even updating your living space. I’ve just been changing my bedroom after 3 and a half years and I’m very excited I’m doing it little by little but can’t wait to show you the final result.

Let me know your little tips on how to make winter more bearable. What keeps you going on those blues days? I can’t wait to hear.






Have a stylish day.



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How to get the best deals when online shopping


Jumper, jeans J Brand, bag Gucci, sunglasses Chanel, boots Zara (sold out)

I must admit in recent years, I’ve become rather addicted to online shopping. It’s so easy and convenient! Why go in to the shops and face crowds of people?! Especially during the sales.. And I have become quite an expert. Many people call me a Savvy shopper and I do like to get a good deal.

I love to mix high street and designer pieces and twice a year in the sales is the time I buy my designer pieces. I hardly ever buy designer items for full price! I must admit I work in a luxury department store where I get discount and buy some of my pieces there plus have friends in the right places who can occasionally get me discount at other brands.

At other times I also like to look for bargains on eBay (my recent very lucky purchase was a Celine Trapeze bag – hardly worn – for less than half price). You would have seen it on my blog and Insta. I am well happy about it and have been wearing it a lot. The only thing with eBay is you have to really check out the seller and get loads of photos of the items and certificates of authenticity. I tend to pick pieces which are buy now or nearest offer and try to haggle. People are usually willing to go down with the price and you sometimes (if they really want to sell) wouldn’t believe how much you can get the price down. Don’t be afraid to go quite low at first and then find a happy medium.

Throughout the year if I’m feeling I want to get some special pieces and there are no sales I like to check out TheOutnet. They sell older seasons of designer items and sometimes you can find really amazing pieces. The only thing is you have to be quick because availability is limited and the good stuff sells fast. But I’ve managed to get some nice items there over the years including half price Christian Louboutin shoes. Definitely worth checking out regularly.

But the seasonal sales are my heaven and every six months I try to stock up on some nice designer bargains. I always go for timeless pieces that will stand the test of time. Even in the sales some items can be very expensive and there is no point in buying something to wear for one season. Even though it may seem you are saving money, you are not.

The items I tend to go for during the sales are handbags (never too many), good quality coats (look for wool or cashmere content) – I am eyeing this one, cashmere jumpers (JCrew do nice selection and tend to really lower their prices), classic pair of jeans, nice pair of shoes ( I can hardly resist a pair of shoes for a good price and tend to buy at least one pair every season), designer underwear is always a welcome treat and for me the one that gives me most pleasure is something from Zimmerman.

It’s a brand I love but is very expensive. I’ve bought 3 dresses so far from them and all in the sale. They are all 100% cotton which I love and they are such a good quality you can tell from the way they look. My latest purchase during these sales was this one (I had my eye on it since full price for months) and I also really like this one.  I can’t wait for the summer to come so I can wear it.

But you can’t also beat good old Zara and ASOS either. You may save less, but every little helps. I shop on ASOS every month. I am a bit obsessed. Their service is second to none, it’s so easy and convenient and they have a great selection of items. Often I buy their own brand clothing but you can also find some nice designer pieces. The good thing with them is they do regular sales throughout the year so even there you don’t often have to pay full price. If I really really love something I buy it straightaway but if I like it and not the price I save it for later. I keep checking most days what’s new in and check what offers they have. Within few months your item is often discounted and you can buy it then. And if it’s not right, sending it back is so easy. It’s a non brainer really. People often tell me that I have an eye for finding the good stuff on ASOS that for them it can be a bit overwhelming to look for things (they do sell a lot of stuff) so I am planning to start doing a regular weekly or monthly wish list. Is that something you would be interested in?

This jumper I am wearing is from ASOS by Warehouse. It was originally £49 and went down to £34 and it’s really nice and cosy but unfortunately is sold out now. They will hate me for saying this but if you buy something make sure to keep the return forms. If price of something goes down within your return period, you can buy it again and return with the older form and save money. I sometimes do it and I’m sure I’m not the only one. We work hard to make our money so we need to make sure that we get the best deals. You are entitled to do it as long as they still have your size. That’s why I’m always saving everything in my wish list and keep checking prices regularly. Also don’t get discouraged if things are sold out. They always tend to come back in stock as people often return things or they may just get more delivered.

I’ve done quite well this sale season actually. Not bought too many items (I’m trying to be good) with the exception of the Zimmerman dress and I also bought a dress and a blazer from Zara (I love Zara blazers and jackets and they are a really good thing to look for in the sales too), wool mix jumper dress from Club Monaco and few bits from ASOS. Can’t wait to share them all with you in the coming months. Let’s hope it gets warmer soon!

I hope this post was helpful and you find some nice bargains. I will share more tips with you soon.

In the meantime why don’t you tell me what amazing sale finds you got? I’m interested!





Have a stylish day.


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Happy New Year 2018


cashmere gilet Winser London, jeans J Brand, boots ASOS, bag Gucci

Happy New Year 2018! I don’t know how about you but I am actually very excited for this year. I feel like last couple of years have been building up to something and this year I’m going to reap the rewards. Well there’s hope anyway..

If I’m very frank my biggest hope is to finally meet the one. I am happily single and trying to enjoy every day and do a lot of things on my own. 2017 has been great, I’ve been travelling, exploring new places, trying new things but it would be nice to share it all with someone special. I am turning 37 in March and feel like time is running out for me. So hopefully this can be the year.

Also I really want to focus on the blog. I have been blogging on and off but I do really enjoy it and always come back to it and want to really concentrate on it this year. Social media can be a curse and a blessing. I find it hard to find the right balance sometimes. I’m either spending too much time on it or too little. So I need to find the happy medium. But I will try and post more regularly and I have few ideas on different posts I want to do. So stay tuned.

I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions but I definitely want to up my fitness regime and do yoga more regularly. I always feel so much better after I just don’t do it often enough. It’s easy to make excuses but it can be done and I want to get fitter and healthier.

But the one definitely attainable aim for this year is to go to theatre more. I love doing artsy things I just feel I don’t do it often enough. So the goal for this year is to see at least one show or exhibition a month (and review it here too).  It can be anything. There’s so much to do in London and that’s why I love the city so much. Who’s with me?

And I actually have something planned for January already. I am going to Paris this Friday to see the Dior exhibition which is finishing on Sunday so I’m glad I haven’t missed it. I love fashion and fashion exhibitions and of course Paris (this will be my 8th trip) so you can imagine how excited I am about this. You can follow my journey on instastories this Friday January 8th (Instagram) and there will be a post about it soon too.

Make sure you let me know what are your goals and dreams for this year. I’m curious to hear!

Wishing you all an incredible 2018. Let’s make it the best year yet.





Have a stylish day.


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Cashmere love


Jumper Winser London, belt Gucci, jeans Donna Ida, bag Celine, earrings Baublebar

Hello again lovely people isn’t it getting cold out there?! Winter is definitely coming and I have started living in jumper dresses and cashmere. You can’t beat a nice cosy sweater made from this soft fabric. They’re definitely worth the investment because if you look after them, they will keep you warm for years. When it comes to cashmere I stick to classic timeless styles and add fun to my knitwear wardrobe with cheaper pieces. But classic doesn’t have to be boring.

Take this pretty number for example. Made from a soft yarn in a lightest blush pink – it’s so chic! If you want to make it interesting add a belt or fun necklace and you’re good to go. Plus they’re good for many different occasions. In here I paired it with jeans and my beloved Chanel pumps for a brunch with a friend.

Don’t you just love catching up with people over brunches? Or am I just getting old? But I’m really enjoying at the moment to meet up my friends in new places, trying new dishes and just enjoy good conversations and good food. I’m planning  to do loads more reviews so you don’t miss out. You can read my review of Coppa club here.

What are some of your favourite places to catch up with your friends at?




Have a stylish day.





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Places: Coppa Club


Jumper (sold out) similar, skirt, boots Nicholas Kirkwood (old), bag Gucci, sunglasses Chanel

Hello lovely readers, I’m sorry about the long absence again, things have been quite hectic recently but I’m raring to go and have a lot of content prepared so hopefully you will enjoy reading it as much as I have been enjoying writing it.

One of the things I always wanted to write about on my blog is things to do and places to visit. I think as an expat in London I possibly appreciate it more what’s on offer than born and bred Londoners who sometimes take it all for granted. That is not to criticise them in any way, it’s just that if you’ve lived somewhere all your life maybe you see it differently.

But I love exploring new places, discovering hidden gems and making the most of what London has to offer.

Last Friday I went to see the Balenciaga exhibition at the V&A museum which I really enjoyed and would definitely recommend and after that we went for lunch at one of Coppa Club branches. I had noticed it recently when I was in the area (one of my favorite parts of London) and the Igloos outside had just been set up and I had made a mental note to visit soon. So Friday was the perfect opportunity and it turned out to be the perfect weather for it too.

First a word of warning though. These igloos are super popular and fully booked until end of January (at the time of my phone call) but they keep a couple for walk ins and you may get lucky (as we did). I booked a table inside anyway just in case and to be honest the interior is very nice and despite the place being very busy it had a nice atmosphere. The staff was very friendly and come on can you think of better views? Tower bridge is just a stone throw away and you’re right by the river so the location really couldn’t have been better.

You get chairs with furry throws that are very cosy and it feels very nice inside. It’s a bit small and for a tall person like me I’m glad I sat where I sat but that’s just a little thing. The best thing is the prices are very reasonable. We all had a sirloin steak which was around £25 (standard for London) and it was probably the most expensive thing on the menu. The food wasn’t exceptional but good enough.

Overall I really enjoyed it and will definitely go back. The igloos are there only for winter and they do a nice terrace in the summer so that’s on my list for next year. They also have other branches and I am actually visiting the one in St. Paul’s churchyard tomorrow so I will let you know how that one was.

As for my outfit, I dressed up a bit on the lower part but kept it casual with my cosy jumper. See all the links above.

Have you been to Coppa club? What did you think?







Have a stylish day.