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World of collaborations

I am a person who loves to mix and match. Why spending a fortune on the whole outfit when you can buy something cheap and something expensive and the overall look will look amazing. That’s why I love high street and especially their collaborations with designers. Ever since H&M started their designer collections it’s been a huge success with people going crazy, queing from early hours to make sure they can get a great fashion item for even greater prize. Collections selling out on the day of going on sale weren’t an exception. And don’t expect anything less this time! Put November 14 into your diary as a Jimmy Choo for H&M is released and I predict a riot. For those who can’t afford the real deal this is a match made in heaven. I had a sneak peak in a Grazia magazine (which I read religiously) and the whole lot looks awesome. It’s hard to pick my favourite item but if I had to it would probably be the one-shoulder leather dress that will stand the test of time. And a hot pink clutch is too hard to resist. See you in the queue.

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