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On my style radar now! BALMAIN

( pictures Balmain SS ’10 from

There is nothing more inspiring to me than a person good at what he does. Whatever you do always make sure you do it as best as you can. That is my motto anyway. I don’t know who I admire more: people at BALMAIN for recognizing Christophe Decarnin’s talent or the man himself. Because ever since he took over the french fashion house it’s been going from strengh to strengh. Before it was a label nearly forgotten, but appointing Decarnin in 2005 was the best move possible. It is amazing what the right person can do for a company. My other example would be Tom Ford for Gucci, who has done the same job – taking a falling business and transfering it into a major success. For me his was the best era for Gucci (Ford is my all time hero) and I still lust after his timeless pieces, especially his goth season. But back to Balmain, who is my current obsessions. The ripped jeans, sharp-shouldered jackets and studded killer heels are sexy and wearable! And his SS ’10 didn’t dissapoint. The strong shoulder trend continues and the dresses ar as beautiful as ever and I love it! In a tough econimic situation he manages to sell-out collections, even though his clothes are far from reasonable price. And everyone loves him and you can find copies of his design in every shop on the high-street. Thank god for that because not everyone can afford a pair of jeans for a thousand pounds, but I I’m quite sure, that if they could they wouldn’t resist.

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