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Zara – my favourite high street shop

As I mentioned several times before (and will mention again in the future) I love shopping. Apart from my number one fashion spot Selfridges, I decided to tell you about my favourite shop on the high street – ZARA. I love, love, love the store! With 63 branches in the UK there is a big chance there’s one very near by you and if you have never been there before, make sure you pay a visit very soon. It is so great for following trends and making them their own. You can see very clearly influences from the top designers and copies from catwalks, but they translate the trends in such an amazing way it’s hard to resist. And why would you spend thousands, if you can get fabulous clothes for fracture of the price. The good thing is, they don’t keep any design on the floor for longer than four weeks so you won’t see half of the population wearing the same stuff. They use nice fabric and are great for you basics, but also their jeans and jackets are absolutely gorgeous. You can find all different styles – workwear, partywear, casual – the whole lot. They do womenswear, menswear, childrenswear and homewear so you can dress up not only yourself but your whole family and your home! What’s not to like? And with all the fab designs reasonably priced you’d be mad not go mad in there.

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