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Party wear part two

Another day closer to Christmas and probably even closer to your work Christmas party. Worried about what to wear? Look no further. Yesterday I looked at some fabulous designer dresses and today it’s gonna be all about high-street partywear. Well high-street prices but not the crowds of stressed out “festive” shoppers. I’ve been obsessed lately with internet shopping so in both features I’m showing you items all discovered on net. So no matter how busy you are, I’m sure you can spare few minutes to look at the web and find your perfect outfit. It’s so easy nowadays to shop online. If you’re worried about things not fitting properly then don’t, because even the returns are easy and usually for free. Anyway no more talking as here are the top three party dresses at very reasonable prices. All can be found on

What I love about the first one is it’s versatility. I’m obsessed with boob tube tops and dresses because they give you so many options as how to wear them. You can use all kind of different necklaces and it will change the look completely. I recommend a statement necklace in your favourite colour or piles and piles of pearls and you’ve nailed it. Also for another option you can throw over a shrug or little cardie and there you go, noone will know you’re wearing the same dress again and again. I also like the detailing at the bottom. Ruffles are quite simple but add more interest to it. It’s ASOS own brand and has a very good price.

The second dress is also by ASOS. I don’t think much needs to be said. Lace is such a beautiful fabric and very sexy. It’s also chic so you just need some simple accessories and you’re ready to go. And if you’re in a rush and maybe go to a party straight after work that’s what you need. It has a luxury feeling as well and in these difficult financial times that is definitely a good thing (all without breaking the bank).

Last but not least is a dress by Mango. I love the colour, it’s so now! Also it’s very 80′ – a style that the designers have been obsessed with lately and I love it too. The sequins are very Studio 54. The back detailing is amazing and I’m sure in this dress you will like a star from that great era and will want to party all night long.

There are so many great dresses out there, it’s hard to choose. I hope I’ve inspired you and maybe give you a guidance what to look for. Good luck with choosing the right one and trust me, it’s worth all the searching. because when you find the perfect outfit you will feel million dollar and that’s what is all about. Party season here we come!

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