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The most shocking news

As I said before, I’m gonna look back at the past ten years and remember the highs and lows in fashion and beyond. For me the most shocking news was when I found out TOM FORD left Gucci. I rembemer that day in April 2004 exactly, as I had to get up really early that day going to work and with my eyes yet barely fully open I could see the massive headlines! At first I thought it was some kind of joke or a mistake. So I purchased a copy and read the whole story in disbelief. It was true!
I was interested in fashion from an early age and was always dressing up and trying to find new ways how to wear old clothes. And when I started reading fashion magazines, my memories are of all Gucci and YSL adverts, all created in the Tom Ford era. To me that was and always will be the best and still very inspiring. My favourite campaign was the season of Goth in autumn 2002. All the clothes were just so beautiful and timeless. When I look now at the collection a think you could easily very it today. It’s simple but oh so chic!!! I bought a shirt and a cross necklace inspired by that look and they are both as wearable now as they were back then.
Tom is an amazing designer who has been recognized for his work with many awards and he deserves it all. I wish him only success and hope that one day he will return to designing for women. Plus he is so god damm sexy, just as his clothes..
Have a stylish day.

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