Carrie Bradshaw · Patricia Field · Rachel Zoe · Sex and the city · the Rachel Zoe project

Stylists become celebrities..

When you look back into the old days of Hollywood glamour and the fabulous actresses, with great style and grace, you may remember the beautiful clothes they wore and who they were designed by, but that’s where it ends. Not that it’s not enough, but that definitely changed. Since the beginning of the 21st century, people behind the scenes, especially stylists, have become more and more important and celebrities in their own right. There have been massive growth in programs about style and makeovers, and fashion gurus are making their own headlines.
Look at Rachel Zoe for example. For those who don’t know her(shame one you!) she is very popular LA based stylist, working with celebrities on any occasions from photoshoots to Oscars. She has her own TV show The Rachel Zoe project and has been accused for having bad influence on her clients to become really skinny. I’m sure you all remember the big Size zero debate… But she’s famous for her work and showing the importance of a stylist.
And who could forget Patricia Field. Ever since working wonders on the wardrobe of The Sex and The City girls, she became famous and got well deserved respect. She is a master of mixing vintage, designer and high street and is inspring to all of us. There has been so many great outfits in the series, then when The Sex and The City – The Movie was about to come out in 2008, it caused a fashion frenzy. Everyone wanted to know what clothes would the characters wear and you could expect some new trends emerging straight after. I really admire Patricia‘s work and included some pictures. There are so many though, it was very hard to pick just few.. Have a stylish day.

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