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Past trends – good and bad!

As I told you few days ago, I’m gonna look back at the past decade in fashion, art and beyond. Well today I decided to share my thoughs on trends that stuck in my mind for good and bad reasons. There are things that never really go out of fashion. They may have their highs and lows, but will always be there. One of them for me is Britannia. I love things with british flag. So much has been around but there are times when you can see more of it. Like past two summers and also in summer 2001. I remember that because that’s when I came to England and got so hooked that I bought 2t-shirts with little flag – one glittery and the other quite plain. I loved them, but unfortunately they ended up in the bin – oh what a shame, as I could easily wear them again..
One trend I never liked and am hundred per cent sure never will if it comes back (which I doubt) was crocs. Do you remember the ugly plastic shoes with holes in them? Well I never understood the point of them. They got very popular, people claiming how comfy they are. I’d rather suffer for fashion than take a comfort in Crocs.
Other trend I remember well was big again around the time I came to UK. It was Madonna who started it and found a way into my wardrobe. It was sort of celebrity T-shirts. Do you remember the popular songsress on her tour wearing tops with names like Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears and so on? I got a couple of ones with Madonna‘s name and one with her picture as well. How cool was I?! Again I think they eventually ended up in a bin… It’s a shame there isn’t enough space for all our clothes we ever buy. I would really enjoy looking back at everything, reminiscing about the times I wore them. I’d probably cringe about some of them, but it would be fun.
Something I really love is goth look as you probably know, if you read my blog regularly. It is something that keeps coming back and it’s just so great. You can really play with the style and never get bored with it.
The thing I’m really into right now is big shoulders. It’s very 80’s – an era that has been very popular for the past few seasons and I’m loving it. I’m not so sure about all those glitters and sequins, but padded or in another way interesting shoulders are my thing. Christophe Decarnin has been one of the designers really into this trend for Balmain and I’m just loving everything by him.
There has been some great things emerging in the last ten years, but it would take a long time to mention them all. Is there anything important that you think I have forgotten? Let me know! And have a stylish day.

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