Alexander McQueen · Alexander Wang · ankle boots · jeggings · leggings · · Sass'Bass · shoeboots

leg it

Sass&Bass – animal print leggings (

Preen – leggings (

Alexander Wang – leggings (

Alexander McQueen – pink houndstooh leggings (

For the past few seasons there has been a massive focus on legs. Lacy tights, patterns, leggings with prints, jeggings and so on are a way to go. There are so many amazing styles around it’s not easy to pick. But when you do, the hard work is over. Because your legs are making a statement already, you should keep the rest simple, so just a nice jersey top or a dress is enough. Keep the accessories to a mininum as well. Although don’t forget a great pair of shoe-boots or ankle boots, because with the attention to the bottom half of your body, the pressure is on. So here we found the perfect solution for the cold weather, plus they can be a cheap way how to update your wardrobe. Stay glamorous and warm, without spending a fortune. I’ve picked some amazing examples of what is out there, the choice is yours. Whether you go for animal print, dogstooth, lace, stripes, checks, the possibilities are endless, both designers and highstreet.
Have a stylish day.

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