graphic prints · quirky fashion · Spring 2010

Having winter blues?

For me the winter has been already too long and it officialy hasn’t even started yet.. After the wettest November and what seems to be a very cold December, I can’t wait to get rid of all the extra layers of clothing and start wearing something nice and colourful. I wanted to get over my winter blues and found blues that are actually fun with added feel-good factor. I’m talking about Alexander McQueen’s spring 2010 collection. He is Mr. Cool with very creative brain and never fails to impress me. Flying the flag for british quirky fashion, he is the go-to designer if you’re looking for something original. I absolutely love this collection. The colours are amazing, as are the details and shapes. The master of graphic prints didn’t dissapoint and I can tell you they will be as big next season as they have been for the past few ones. To me it all looks so magical I am sure we’re all gonna crazy for a bit of McQueen’s style. Plus I can NOT forget to mention the shoes as there is only one way to describe them – WOW!
Have a stylish day.

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