MAC · Selfridges

Selfridges – my favourite place to shop and more

It was my birthday last week and I decided to treat myself with a bit of a shopping spree. What a better place to cure my thirst for nice things than my No1 Selfridges! I did quite well, although didn’t buy anything major. The things I want to mention, are from my favourite MAC beauty counter. It’s very hard for me to stop by and leave empty-handed. This time I stocked up on my new can’t-live-without-it mascara ZOOM LASH in black, blusher in STYLE and a new shadow of the oh-so-popular LIPGLASS in FUCHSIA. MAC products are at very competetive prices, have great staying power and are the best tricks of proffesional make-up artists. And the selection is unbelievable.
I also want to show you, especially to my non-London readers, some of current Selfridges shop windows. I love them. They get changed quite often and always look great. Very inspiring.
Have a stylish day.

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