Matthew Williamson · Royal Ascot · Vivienne Westwood

My week at Ascot – day 4

Friday at Ascot. 4th day of the shows plus rehearsals, so we’re pretty good at what we’re doing. Everything seemed to go smoothly, despite most people being hungover from last night. No champagne today! After doing the same shows every day, some of the music stuck in our heads and everyone’s walking around singing or whistleing bits of it. Despite having lots of fun, I am quite looking forward to going back home tomorrow. Tomorrow’s gonna be a big day, with live BBC show this time showing Matthew Williamson. Wonder what he’s gonna be like. I spoke to Vivienne Westwood’s assistant Rafael quite a few times and he’s such a nice guy! I’ll try to take loads more photos. Can’t wait to bring them all to you.
Have a stylish day.

Rafael with Katerina (one of the models) both wearing Westwood

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