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Dress for princess

I’m very excited as today I’m bringing you an exclusive interview with Johanna Hehir, a wedding designer, whom I met when I was working at White Gallery for press Wedding show. She is the nicest person, obviously very talented and so down to earth. I absolutely adore her designs. You can read the post about her again here .
As the whole world is talking about the engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton, I asked Johanna few questions about the dress she’d like to see Kate wearing and she kindly included a sketch as well.

Hi Johanna, thank you for sparing some time to answer my questions. First of all tell me what you’ve been up to?

Since I did the White Gallery Show in May, I’ve had several projects on the go! Firstly, I designed a new 1950’s inspired collection that was photographed in July. Just last month I was in New York visiting my new stockist, Kleinfelds – they have a world famous store and a TV show in the US called Say Yes To The Dress. And right now, I’m beginning to design my collection for next year alongside planning the redesign of my London Boutique, which is very exciting!

• That indeed sounds very exciting. Good luck with it all! Now all everyone has been talking about since the announcement, is the royal engagement. As a wedding dress designer what do you think should be Kate wearing?

Although Kate would look amazing in almost anything, I do find that she seems to suit a v-neck best and this is the neckline I think she will go for. I picture her in a soft fish-tail style (something that will compliment her figure) with plenty of beads, pearls and lace applique hand sewn all over the bodice and train.

• Do you think there are any styles she should avoid?

Kate has a great sense of style, therefore I think she will know the type of dresses to avoid. Given the fact that she will be becoming a princess she will need to wear something tasteful and probably not too revealing.

• If you were the chosen designer for Kate’s wedding gown, what sort of dress would you go for?

Obviously, I would have to be guided by the kind of dress Kate wanted, take into account the venue and the style of wedding, but here is a design I’ve come up with that I could see her wearing. (sketch attached)

• Last but not least what is next for Johanna Hehir?

I’m concentrating on my new collection at the moment, but next year I’ll be back at White Gallery and I’m also planning to show at Pier 94 in New York! Plus we’ll be doing a brand new photoshoot at the begging of next year… lots to look forward to!!

Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions. I wish you all the best and hopefully see you soon for another exclusive interview.

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