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Rachel Zoe – stylist to the stars

Another day of December, another day for my pick of style icons. Today I decided to write about American one and not just any. Probably the biggest. I looooove Rachel Zoe. Her job is my dream job and I admire her passion for everything she does. Not only she is the sought after stylist to the biggest stars, she wrote a book Style A to Zoe, designed a series of very covetable collections for QVC, where she appears regularly, showing the items and how to style them and her TV show The Rachel Zoe project is watched all over the world.
Her style is very bohemian, all loose dresses, flared trousers and tons of jewellery. It suits her so well and I just love it all. I’ve picked few of her great outfits plus you can see more on my facebook page. She famously transformed Nicole Richie from geek to chic, and even more famously they fell out. Her clients include Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, Demi Moore, Eva Mendes to name just a few. She has a great eye for detail and gets everyone on best dressed lists.
Last month Rachel announced that she is expecting her first child and I am sure, she will be the most stylish mum to be. And of course her baby will be well dressed too. I wish them both health and happiness.
Have a stylish day.

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