Chanel · Coco Chanel · Karl Lagerfeld

Chanel – timeless classic

Coco Chanel is the ultimate style icon. She revolutionised the way women dress. She was the one who started wearing trousers and used men’s simplicity in women’s clothes. She caused controversy but eventually people loved it. We should all thank her. Many designers are still inspired by her and her legacy continue.
Karl Lagerfeld is very good at keeping the original ideas of Coco and recreating them season after season, making beautiful clothes and accessories sought after all over the world. I love Coco’s piles of pearls and a minimalism in her designs that still seems so fresh. No wonder vintage Chanel is so expensive, it looks modern and is definitelly a timeless piece. It’s well worth investing in a piece of Chanel as it wil never date. People can’t get enough of this luxurious label. Whatever it is: clothes, accessories, beauty and more you’re guaranteed quality and style.
People often quote Coco, they dress like her, they use her as an inspiration. There have been countless books written about her and  movies about her live. People can’t get enough of her. True style never goes out of fashion and she is a great example of that. Marilin Monroe famously said she wears nothing to bed except few drops of Chanel No 5. It’s been years and years since she started her great label and I am sure it will continue to be very popular for years to come.
Have a stylish day.

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