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Stylish homes – dress up your Iphone/Ipad

(The regular feature is back!) Let’s face it. To be without modern technology these days is unthinkable. I can’t imagine my life without iPhone any more (whatever we did before them!) and I finally gave in to iPad too and getting it this week. In the business of blogging, and any other business for that matter, you have to keep up with what’s going on and these gadgets are simply essential. Good news is that the designers want us to remain stylish in every aspect of our lives, therefore there has been a boom in accessories for technology. The selection is amazing and you can really match it to your wardrobe. It won’t surprise you that I bought a pink croc leather iPhone cover by Mulberry (it’s sold out now!) and I’m already planning how I’m going to dress up my IPad.
Here’s a little selection of covers for both iPad and iPhone and also couple for Blackberry (not to make them feel left out).
You can buy all the following at including some Mulberry ones, and the rest at So which is your favourite? It’s hard to pick..
Have a stylish day.


Michael Kors

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Jimmy Choo




Jimmy Choo


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