Elle · magazine cover

Adele in Vogue

Well what can I say. Only that I agree with loads of other people that this month’s Vogue UK’s cover is great. I have been a bit dissapointed with Vogue UK for some time now, as their covers haven’t been anything special. I kind of liked the one with Kate Moss on a cover of their August issue but Kate is a bit of a safe option. On the other side Elle have been great this year. They’ve been doing really great and I’ve kept all of the issues. Few of the favourites include Rosie Huntington-Whiteley on cover, Cameron Diaz, Lily Allen Cooper and the latest with Agy Dean just fits into the continuous success. Love it despite not being a massive fan of Agyness. It goes to show how good the team Elle really is.
But back to Vogue and some praise for them. It’s first Vogue cover for the talented singer and does not dissapoint in any way. Adele has been criticised in the past for her weight and not looking the typical way as most singers do these days (stick think so they can show of everything in teeny weeny bikini to sell records). I am glad the media are starting to embrace diversity in beauty, an issue I have addressed in the past. I love the make-up they used and all the colours, it just looks a bit crowded. A bit less of text would look better and let the real star shine. Other than that well done and let’s hope it is a start of change in imaginery showing all different kinds of people and beauty.
Have a stylish day.

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