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Stylish answers – by model Katerina Smutok

opening Corrie Nielsen
My stylish readers, I have a new regular feature for you (yes another one) and this you can expect every Friday, giving you something interesting/insightful to read just before or over the weekend. By working in fashion industry I have met many incredible people and here I’ll be bringing you their knowledge of the industry and their particular field. There will be different areas every week.
Starting off with a Russian born model Katerina Smutok, whom I met couple of years ago, whilst working backstage at Ascot, where we put on a daily fashion show for the people in the Royal enclosure part. Katerina has had her first experience of London Fashion Week this season and has working with Karl Lagerfeld on her portfolio. Read all about it here.

1.) I spotted you at quite a lot of shows during London Fashion Week, including Corrie Nielsen and Jasper Garvida. What others did you walk and what was your favourite and why?
That was my first fashion week in London and it started quite well. My first show was for Corrie Nielsen and it was an honor to open it. I did other shows as well like Central St.Martins show full of young creative designers, Dans la Vie, Francesca Marotta, Ji Cheng, Prose, Dion Lee and also Jasper Garvida. I won’t hide that the favourite was for Corrie: beautiful looks, make-up, great organisation and feedbacks after the show.

2.) What other fashion weeks did you work at recently?
I always do Berlin Fashion Week and work for the best designers there like Michalsky, Streness, Unrath und Strano, Lala Berlin, Kaviar Gauche, Dimitri, Marcel Ostertag, C’est Tout and many others.

3.) What has been your best modelling job/career highlight?
I think it was Chanel Haute Couture in Paris. But the most impressive was again with Karl Lagerfeld on Fendi show held at Great Wall in Beijing, China. That was massive!

4.) How did you start as a model/ what do you enjoy about the job?
I was born a model. My mother is a designer in Russia and she always dreamt about long-legged daughter with blonde curly hair… Well, long legs I have, blonde curls has my brother))) The best part of my job is… Meeting new people, I enjoy the company of creative people; I love traveling, learning about new cultures and customs; and I love every moment when I walk out on the catwalk – the preparation, rehearsals and dressing for only 20sec of fame!

5.) You must travel a lot, what is your favourite country/city?
London is my favourite with Berlin close second. And the 3rd is Moscow – I still believe it’s the most impressive and grand city.

6. How do you keep in shape/look after yourself?
I can’t start a day without nice breakfast, I always have lunch and light dinner. I’m a model, but I do eat! I have to walk a lot on castings and sometimes during fashion week you have to see about 20 different clients in opposite sides of the city, so I need proper food to give me energy to make all these appointments. Plus I take classes at Central school of Ballet and I do yoga at home when I have time.

7. What are your dreams/goals?
I’m sure I won’t leave fashion when I finish modeling. I was thinking about opening a shop and have actually started working on it already.

8. What’s next for you? Any exciting campaigns you can share?
This month I am planning to go to New York to meet my new agency Muse. I am very exited as it is a new market for me. So please wish me luck 😉

We’ll cross our fingers for you! Thank you for the stylish answers and let us know how you get on.

Have a stylish day.
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