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It’s an instagram life #12 – more of Mayfair

As mentioned yesterday, last Friday I went to see the amazing Hermes exhibition. It was so insightful and well curated, if you do get a chance go! It finishes this Sunday, so here’s your plan for the weekend. I promise you’ll love it, especially the room when you see people making Hermes handbag right in from of your eyes. You don’t realise how much hard work goes into each one..
Yesterday I showed you pictures from Ralph Lauren shop windows and today I’m bringing you couple of Louis Vuitton. Horses in the windows carrying handbags? Why not. The whole of London is looking super festive for the upcoming Jubilee and Tiffany & Co looks very pretty (as always) under the bunting.
I bought new royal blue trousers that look good against all my gold. Outfit post soon..
Have a stylish day.

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