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Hair inspirations

You may know from reading my blog, that I am going to a wedding of one of my best friends soon and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s in less than three weeks now and I think about it a lot, planning my outfit, which is nearly ready, and now I’ve turned my attention to hair. My dress is asymmetric one-shouldered, so I’m looking at side buns and ponytails. Whether you’re going to a wedding or any summer soiree, I think a side ponytail looks super girly and cute and suits everyone.
Upon this I have to admit a huge hair envy of Blake Lively. Up or down, her hair always looks gorgeous. For dressier occasions you can’t beat sparkly accessories like hair bands or adding braids. Charlize Theron rocked with her Alice band at this year’s Oscars.
I really can’t wait to be all done up and share my look with you. Not long to go down.
Have a stylish day.

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