I’m back!

After (not so) short break I am back and kind of excited. I have to admit I missed blogging but sometime you have to make priorities, meaning I took a step back from the online world for a while. That’s not to say I ignored it completely. I have been instagraming the adventures of last few months and I’m going to share the (in my opinion) best bits in the upcoming posts.
And what I’ve been up to? The BF and I have been travelling a lot, shopping, eating out – trying new restaurants and bars and simply discovering what Britain has to offer. And it’s been great!

We started in the Sofitel St. James hotel just off Picadilly Circus, which is absolutely amazing location and had some cool Hermes toiletries.
Then we moved onto The Windham Grand hotel in Chelsea Harbour, where the view was absolutely fantastic. Just below it looked like St. Tropez, but when you looked around you could see amazing London skyline.
When you’re in Chelsea you simply have to visit Sloane Street – I love that road. I popped into Valentino store there and was treated by my BF to my dream pair of studded flats and discovered a new favourite perfume Valentina.
Have a stylish day.

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