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Highland fling

We couldn’t get further away from Chelsea during our next getaway. We went all the way up north to Fort William – Scotland. The scenery was just breathtaking. We spent a relaxing week there, exploring the place.
But no matter where I am, I can’t resist adding a pink lippy to my already massive collection.
I joined in in some local festivities, watching proper Scotsman playing the bag-pipes. I wore yet again my Valentino flats, Acne jeans, Mulberry Bayswater, Michael Kors leather jacket and Dior sunglasses.

From Fort William we drove three hours to Edinburgh. I couldn’t get enough of the beautiful views on the way and fell in love with the scottish capital. For two nights we stayed in Waldorf Astoria (must be done) and then went to the Missoni hotel, which was one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in. More about that tomorrow.
I slept in some great beds. The one bellow was as good as it looked.
Have a stylish day.

2 thoughts on “Highland fling

  1. It's funny that you said Hotel Missoni is good, I used to live across the road from it and always wondered what it'd be like inside as it looks impressive from the men in kilts at the door. Glad you had a lovely time in Scotland 🙂 xx


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