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I have wanted the pink polka dot JCrew jumper for ages and I was mega happy when the BF treated me. Can’t wait for my first JCrew item to arrive and hoping to buy many more. Also look forward to them opening thei first UK store to be opened later this year. Are you a JCrew fan?
My favourite past time is reading, especially fashion magazines. I’ve just renewed my ELLE subscription too so couldn’t be happier.
As Miss Pink I totally need that pink Valentino bag in my life. It’s my ultimate dream buy for this year. Time to start saving up…

Marilyn Monroe once said, that all she wears to bed is Chanel No5. I wear Chanel Chance (my all time fave) and a lacy nightie.
The new place I share with the BF is nearly finished. We’ve used a lot of black and white. I love drinking coffee from our new stripy mugs with a view of NYC skyline pictures.
Have a stylish day.

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