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Friday’s wishlist – shoes

Spring is (slowly) making an appearance and what better excuse to add some new shoes to your wardrobe. All of these would make a great addition. I am sucker for Jimmy Choos. If money was no object, I’d only buy shoes there. What is your favourite shoe brand?

1.) H&M sandals
2.) Zara sandals
3.) ASOS clear wedges
4.) Jimmy Choo metallic pumps
5.) Christian Louboutin Pigalle flats
6.) Jimmy Choo strappy sandals

Have a stylish day.

2 thoughts on “Friday’s wishlist – shoes

  1. Loveeee these!! I haven't seen those zara ones and I am a zara shoe stalker! The choos strappy sandals are so classic and go with everything!! I love Choos too, if money were no object I would only buy choos, kirkwoods and valentinos!! Lol 😉


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