Perfect fit

Couple of months ago I was invited by the lovely people from Chantelle underwear to preview the AW collection, have a fitting and see the different effects the right bra have. This is the second time I have been fitted and both confirmed the same size and same thing. I used to wear a wrong size. It’s very important to get fitted regularly as our body changes and also different brands have slightly different sizing.
The AW Chantelle collection is to die for. I wanted everything and realized how many bras we actually need (an excuse to go shopping ;). Balconette, T-shirt, plunge, strapless… the list goes on.
I picked this burguny set and when I received it recently I jumped with joy. It’s even prettier than I remember. I love the plain front, meaning you can wear it under most tops, but the lace at the back makes it sexy and not boring. The lace is exquisite. I’m a very happy girl 🙂
What we wear under out clothes is just as important!
Have you been fitted recently? Are you wearing the correct size?
Have a stylish day.
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