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The ultimate guide to pink lips

Ok maybe not the ultimate as I don’t seem to wear any matte lipstick, but if you like pink shiny lips, you’re at the right place. I love lipsticks and lipglosses and if I ever want a little treat this is what I often buy. I mostly go for YSL or Chanel, but there’s a long list I want to try from other brands. So quite possibly there will be another guide 🙂
1. Clarins gloss Prodige 10 – Vibrant rose. If you want something really neutral with a bit of sheen, this is it.
2. YSL Rouge Pur Shine 11 – again this is very neutral but with a bit more colour. It’s super moisturising and feels great on lips. My go-to colour when I’m wearing too much pink already.
3. YSL Rouge Pur Couture 110 – this is the colour I wear the most. Again it is moisturising and feels nice on. You can layer the colour to make it brighter or less bright. I’ve nearly finished and will repurchase.
4. YSL Golden Gloss 49 – the brightest of them all and I wear it when I need a bit more colour. It’s a bit sticky,but I still love it. The colour is beautiful and like all YSL products it feels very luxurious.
Have a stylish day.
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