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Leopard and lace

The weather getting a bit cooler is the perfect opportunity to wear my leopard trousers. They have become my favourite! I dressed them up a bit this time with a lacey top and my beloved Miss Pink shoes.
Trousers, top, rings, New icons bracelet all H&M, shoes Upper street, bag DKNY, watch Michael Kors, sunglasses Dior, nails Essie Big spender.
Have a stylish day.
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5 thoughts on “Leopard and lace

  1. Oh you pull off those printed trousers really well! 🙂

    I tried to reply to your comment on my blog but it deleted itself. I know what you mean, I wanted the luggage too until I saw it everywhere, although some things it doesn't deter me and some things I bought before they became so popular (like the PS11 I've had for two years).

    Does make me want to try and find some stores with unusual brands, make my closet a little more unique! x


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