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Hair heros

I am very low-maintenance when it comes to beauty. The less products I have to use the better. That’s why it’s even more important to me that they work well.
My hair is very dry after years of dying it and using hot styling tools so a good moisturising hair mask is essential. I swear by Kerastase products and have been using this mask for years. I also sometimes treat myself to their shampoo.
Bumble and Bumble is another great brand. The Curl conscious defining cream is the best if you’re curling your hair. But be careful not to use too much. A little goes a long way.
Bed head After party is a leave-in conditioner I have been using for about ten years. It smells great, but mostly it’s a miracle worker. You can put it into wet or dry hair any time you want and it makes it feel great but doesn’t grease it or weight it down. It’s the best! I don’t see them much in salons any more (cry), but you can get them at ebay at great prices.
L’oreal Elnett are known for their quality. I use the heat defence spray and hair spray to keep my hair at check. High street products with high end qualities.
What are your hair heros?
Have a stylish day.

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