Little black lingerie

So apparently French women are properly clued up when it comes to the art of lingerie and women in UK.. not so much.. I have to say I never really gave much thought about the effect my underwear is giving as long as it was pretty.
But these things matter! I recently attended La lingerie Noire party by Chantelle, where we were shown the different effects different bras make and how it affects what you’re wearing (in this case Little black dress). Then I tried on few samples and really saw how important it is to pick the right one (depending whether you’re wearing low V-neck, square neck, round neck etc…). From now on I’ll think about these things more.
I was also sent this beautiful set by lovely Kerri from Chantelle. Thank you so much!
Do you think about what lingerie you’re putting on? Have you been measured recently?
Have a stylish day.

6 thoughts on “Little black lingerie

  1. Hiya Adela!
    Thank you for sending me your link on the #fblchat tonight, I am loving your blog -and this lingerie! WOW!
    New follower and looking forward to future posts. Would love it if you had a little peek over at my blog, I'm on YouTube now and it would be lovely to have your feedback!
    Emily xxx


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