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Spring wardrobe staple: denim jacket

Spring is slowly on its way and it’s definitely time to start transitioning our wardrobes into this wonderful season. For me the ultimate item in my Spring wardrobe (and beyond) is a denim jacket. It’s such a great staple, can be worn countless of ways and gives a cool factor to any outfit. I believe you should have more than one and the good thing is there’s a lot of options out there.
I bought one of mines on Ebay and like I mentioned here many times before, it was one of the best bargains ever. It’s vintage Diesel, cost me under £10, fits perfectly and like you can see here I wore it several times already.
My other one is by DKNY jeans. It’s darker shade and feels more sophisticated. I loved them both a lot, but feel like cheating and getting another one. What do you think?
 Do you like denim jacket? What are your Spring staples?
Have a stylish day.

4 thoughts on “Spring wardrobe staple: denim jacket

  1. A true wardrobe essential! Looks good every time you wear it and feels good every time you wear it! Loving the animal print jeans and pink shoes


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