Life update

I have a weakness for pretty lacy lingerie, enjoying all the sunshine, coffee addicted but donuts are only a treat, new earrings for sparkly Easter (and beyond), shorts weather, I wear pink even for working out, pretty pastel Spring flowers, bright clutch is a great way to add colour to an outfit, neon nails and stripes are faves
Sorry for the blogging hiatus. I don’t use my work as an excuse but I think it all got a bit too much lately. I work about 50 plus hours a week and also tend to spend about 20hrs on blogging and social media. It caught up with me and I’ve been feeling tired and lost my mojo a bit. But I love it all and always enjoy doing it all again. Now we have the long weekend to recharge batteries and I also have a week off in June which I’m really looking forward to. I am coming back to London for good and it’ll be good to catch up with all my friends and enjoy London.
Have a good Easter.

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