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Shorts weather

Shorts See by Chloe, top BikBok, sandals Valentino, bag Dolce and Gabbana, sunglasses Dior, watch Michael Kors, rings YSL. Nails Essie Big spender.
I hope you’re not bored of these shorts yet, but to be honest I have been wearing them non-stop.. When I packed for my trip home and initially wanted to stay only shorter time, but decided to stay longer. I expected the weather to be good but not so good and didn’t pack any summer clothes. And the weather has been quite summery. So I’m a bit short in that department. I’ve ordered few new things, but I need to be able to pack for the journey back so my wardrobe will remain limited..
To be honest I’m so pleased the weather has been gorgeous. I’m making the most of my time here, as I’m heading back to UK in less than a month and although I’m looking forward to it, I’m a bit worried about English Summer.. Just bare with me for now if you see certain clothes too often..
Have a stylish weekend.

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