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Bag lady

Michael Kors bag
It’s safe to say I love handbags. You can’t beat a good tote, clutch is a must and cross-body are my latest obsession. Big, small, plain sparkly… I want them all. I spend most money on handbags and already have my eyes on few more I need in my collection. Never enough!
Ok I admit I like also shoes, and jewellery and of course clothes! But there is just something about a new bag..
YSL clutch
DKNY shopper
Marc Jacobs canvas bag
DvF shoulder bag
Miu Miu cross-body bag
YSL clutch
Zara clutch
DvF shoulder bag
Zara clutch
Balenciaga city bag
Michael Kors clutch bag
Dolce and Gabbana cross-body bag

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