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Little white dress

Dress ASOS, sandals Valentino, bag Dolce and Gabbana, rings YSL, watch Michael Kors, sunglasses Dior, earrings Talullah Tu, bracelet New look. Nails Chanel May.
The summer has arrived! At least for this week, which is perfect, because a) I’m going for another trip this weekend and b) my two new summer dresses from ASOS have arrived (one being shown today). Even though it’s getting super hot, it’s a bit windy (can you tell?!) so it’s perfect. I love white for summer! And this dress is so comfy I think I’ll wear it non stop if British weather permits.. I’m back in London in two weeks!
On another note I’m happy how much my hair has finally grown, but can’t wait to see my colourist the minute I land..
How’s the weather your end?
Have a stylish day.

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