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Floral skirt

Skirt Zara, top American Eagle, sandals Valentino, bag Miu Miu, sunglasses Dior, watch Michael Kors, earrings and bangle New look. Lips Nars Schiap, nails Chanel May.

 This skirt is one that I definitely don’t wear often enough. I’ve had it for ages, but somehow tend to forget to about it, yet when I wear it I’m glad I dug it out at Zara sale all those years ago. Even my dad said he liked it and he doesn’t often comments/compliments on what I wear! It’s very versatile but speak for itself so I kept the rest of the outfit simple. The vest has a bit of sequin embellishment but it’s subtle enough even for dressing down. Summer is in full swing (for now) so it’s a perfect occasion to use all my summery pieces.

Have a stylish day.

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