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Miss Pink goes back

Happy Tuesday everyone! While you’re reading this I may be mid-air as I’m travelling back to London today. I had four wonderful months in Czech republic and as much as I don’t want to leave the comfort of my first home, I’m looking forward to going back to UK and start again.
I had two amazing BBQs over the weekend saying good byes to family and friends (see selfie above) and it was just the perfect ending.
Here’s a bit of a looking back of some things I’ve been up to whilst here.
March was the busiest month! I went to Vienna for a great day out (here and here), visit my friends in Olomouc (here) and a historical town Trebic (here).
I also visited mountains Jeseniky (here), but also went for walks in my home town and so much more.
Now I’m excited for my new adventures in UK again 🙂

 in Vienna

 first outfit post from Czech republic

trip to Olomouc
Have a stylish day.

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