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Inspiration salad

 Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde salad blog needs no introduction. We have all been reading her blog for years and it’s no surprise she has over 2 million Instagram followers because we all want to have a peek into her glamorous life.
The reason I have decided to do a post about her today is because she is such an inspiration on so many levels. As you may have read yesterday I returned to England after 4 months and I’m starting again in many ways. New beginnings are exciting, but can also be difficult. There’s never enough inspiration to be better, more successful, live more glamorously and Chiara epitomes all of that and more.
I’m always happy when I hear about successes of bloggers, because despite blogging still being quite new, bloggers are ruling the world. I’m striving to make my blog better, take better pictures, do more interesting posts, improve the overall feel etc. and this particular outfit, gorgeous Chiara, her dress, the photography just speaks to me on so many levels.
I hope it will inspire you too.
Have a stylish day.

3 thoughts on “Inspiration salad

  1. Oh isn't this dress the most beautiful thing! Not sure why, I go and have a look at her blog from time to time. It's not one I can personally connect with though. I think I like more down to earth ones. She is absolutely stunning though and it looks like she has worked damn hard on her blogging career so best of luck to her x


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