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Old wives tales /hair mask review/

Few weeks ago I got contacted by the lovely Lily about organic hair care products Old Wives Tail and whether I’d be interested in testing it. As my hair was in desperate need of some TLC I jumped at the chance. I picked the Rosemary & Argan Organic Oil treatment which is aimed at very dry damaged hair (like mine).
I tried it the very same day I received it and have been using it quite regularly since. My hair felt instantly silkier and moisturised. Don’t expect miracles – these things take time, but every time I use it I feel a little difference and definitely want to continue.
It has added organic rosemary oil to stimulate scalp and encourage healthy hair growth which sounds great to me!
There are different ways to use it. I put it on overnight as my hair really is in bad condition, but thanks to this it has been improving.
It contains no chemicals or additives and the company gives 10% of their profits to charities.
What’s not to like?
Have a stylish day.

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