Find a Valentine, plus a January update


You may have read my post about my goals for this year (if not read it here) where I set a little task for me to do each month. So once a month I will update you how I did the previous month and talk a little more about the new month’s task.

February’s goal is probably the most tricky. Find a Valentine. You may or may not know that I am single (and have been for a while now) and as I’m not getting any younger, it would be nice to meet someone special to share my life with. Obviously it’s not easy at all. I find, especially as you get older, there is less to choose from as more and more people are coupled up and also you’ve been through few relationships and know exactly what you want and won’t just settle down for anyone.

Being realistic I think the chances of meeting him this particular month is improbable, but maybe I just need to be more open minded.

My friends keep telling me to go out more and I think I do although maybe not to the right places. Although where is the right place to meet someone? But maybe I need to try new things, visit new places and most importantly stop playing with my phone all the time and look around more. I’m always on social media and even if The Prince Charming went past me I would have probably missed him.

So that’s the task for this month. Less social media more social interactions with actual real people around me. Wish me luck!

And now January update. January was all about exercising more and getting back to healthy habits. Although I didn’t fail totally, I certainly didn’t do great. I started off well doing yoga more regularly again and getting on exercise bike and going for walks, but as the month went on I did less and less. I blame the weather partially but it really shouldn’t be an excuse.

I have a week off work now and it seems the perfect time to get back to it and I am doing a week’s detox too to (hopefully) loose few pounds but most importantly eat better. I am fairly good, I love my fruit and salads, but I just got little stuck in a rut eating all the same things all the time and I love my sweets and right now I’m not at my happy weight and don’t feel fit. I miss that.

I will tell you more about how my detox week went later and hopefully I will up the exercise too.

Wow ok I rambled on for quite a while. If you’ve come all the way here thank you for reading.

I would love any suggestions about your healthy eating habits, and how you motivate yourself to exercise and maybe your dating suggestions too.

Have a stylish day.


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