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Happy Valentine

sweater ASOS sadly sold out , skirt now on sale!, booties Gianvito Rossi very similar ones and cheaper version, bag Valentino

Happy Valentine everyone! I know I’m a little early but a) I believe if you love someone you should tell them every day and b) I blog outfits on Friday ;). How are you all celebrating?

You may read in my last post that I am single (and looking) so I won’t be doing anything special but I am certainly not bitter about it. Life has been good lately, things are going in the right direction and I feel happy right now. If the right man comes along great, but in the meantime I’m trying to enjoy every day.

On another note I have been on a detox for the past week and I am slowly getting used to eating only healthy things, I haven’t had coffee since Saturday and I’m craving it more than sugar, and there have been days where I felt constantly hungry but I feel like I have more energy and am less bloated and hopefully few pounds have dropped off (I haven’t weighted myself yet). And although I am hoping to loose some weight the primary focus is to treat my body with respect and only nourish it with good stuff and I want change my eating habits for better for the long run not just for this week.

And lastly (I probably say this all the time) but I can’t wait for Spring and shedding layers and being more outdoors again. Enough of winter now.

Don’t forget to tell me all about your Valentine’s day plans!

Have a stylish day.


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