March goal: Have the best birthday


You may have been reading my series from the start of the year, where rather than New Year resolutions I set up a little goal/task for each month (in case you missed it ). March goal  may seem easy, Have the best birthday, but everything is not as it seems. This year my birthday falls on Mother’s Day in the UK so majority of my friends will be celebrating with their mother or their children and won’t have time for me. And my family is in Czech Republic so I can’t celebrate with them either. But as I have been single for a while now and spend a lot of the time on my own I have no issues with celebrating my birthday on my own this year. The trick is though to decide where to go and what to do as I’m assuming that most people will treat their mothers out for lunch and treats etc. and everywhere will be busy and I kind of want to avoid that.

Nothing worse than spending your birthday on your own, having lunch in a super busy restaurant and everyone giving you pity looks. So I may decide on the plans at last minute. I am going to Paris for two night beforehand and will return on the evening just before my birthday so I may feel like staying in and just relaxing but I think I will want to do something more fun. We shall see and I will of course let you know how it all turned out.

My February goal was to find a Valentine which isn’t easy at all and I must say I didn’t even get myself a date so there’s no boyfriend in the making to spend my birthday with. But I will make sure it’s a good one as I’m turning 36 so suddenly I’m getting dangerously close to 40 and that is slightly scary. Although I feel content at the moment and happy with the way things are going and hopefully the One is out there somewhere waiting too.

Are you doing anything nice for Mothers Day? When are you celebrating in your country?

Have a stylish day.


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