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What to wear to a wedding – part 3 (Petit Palais)


Dress Asos, shoes Chloe, bag Gucci

This is the last part of my series shot in Paris as an inspiration for summer wedding outfits. See again part 1 and 2. Any of these dresses can be dressed up or down and used for many different occasions.

What I like about this one (apart from the beautiful print) is the fact it’s got long sleeve. I can tell you it was quite a challenge to find a nice dress with a long sleeve. But the fact is the weather in the UK is rather unpredictable so sometimes long sleeve is a good idea and also sometime you may want to cover up more for religious reasons or any other. I personally like a longer sleeve sometime but like I said I find them much harder to find.

The dress is made from chiffon and is very lightweight and I love how it moves when you’re walking. It’s got an open back so you’re not completely covered up and it’s just so nice to wear.

On another note, if you’re planning a trip to Paris, make sure you get a visit of Petit Palais on your agenda. Not only is the building itself amazing, it contains some really great art and the garden is very pretty. There’s a little café inside where you can sit and have a coffee while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. You can’t go wrong.

Do you like dresses with long sleeves? Where do you usually get them?






Have a stylish day.


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