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May goal: Book a trip somewhere new


My goal for May was to book a trip somewhere new and I have actually been already. This past weekend I visited Plitvice lakes in Croatia and even though I am more of a city girl I absolutely loved it. If you don’t know this place, it’s a National heritage site, part of Unesco and it’s absolutely breathtaking. Photos don’t do it justice. I am also planning another trip to a place that has been high on my list for ages so I will tell you more about that later.

April goal was to try something new. I didn’t push myself as much as I wanted to but I visited couple of new parts of London, and for the first time in 16 years of living in London I went to Tate Britain. Can you believe it’s taken me so long? I mainly went to see the David Hockney exhibition (who is a new artist for me too) but also had a little look around too. I definitely want to go back soon as there is so much to see.

I would recommend the David Hockney exhibition. It covers 60 years of his career and some of the work is really amazing. It was inspiring and I really enjoyed it.

Have you ever been to Plitvice Lakes or anywhere else in Croatia? What exhibition have you visited lately?

Have a stylish day.


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