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June goal: Make the most of Spring


ASOS top, skirt Zara, shoes Valentino, bag Gucci

I guess June’s goal is fairly easy – Make the most of Spring. And I would say I have been enjoying it so far. I’m trying to go out as much as possible especially now the weather has been a bit nicer and I’m trying to do more of new things and go to new places. I’ve said it many times that I want to explore more of Britain and I have just actually come back from a weekend away in Somerset. I visited the county for the first time and we managed to see a little town called Wells which was very charming and spent a day in Bath which has been on my list for a while. I really enjoyed both and will tell you more about it in another blog post.

I have visited Kew Gardens for the first time and that’s crazy considering I’ve been living in London for 16 years. But finally I did it and loved it and definitely plan to go back soon again.

I didn’t go to the Chelsea Flower show but I really enjoyed all the decorations around Sloane Square and that’s where these photos were taken. Peggy Porschen was one of my favourites and I am not biased here (yes I love that place anyway) but they were just so pretty, I loved the pink bike and pretty flowers.

This is my favourite time of the year and I am really in my element and I love dressing for this season as well and I really am trying to enjoy every day and enjoy the longer days and do the things I love. I’ve got few nice things planned and I’m trying to say YES to more things although I have been concentrating on the blog a lot lately and although this goes up and down, I feel very motivated at the moment and I want to get a lot of great content and I have you enjoy coming here and reading this. Which I really appreciate by the way.

What is your favourite thing about Spring and ways to spend it?


Dress Self portrait (old season), shoes Prada (old season)

Have a stylish day.


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