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Bargain hunter’s paradise


ASOS dress and earrings (sold out), shoes Valentino, clutch YSL, sunglasses MIU MIU, bracelet Lola Rose, ring YSL

Living in England for so many years as I have been (16 and counting) you never get used to the changeable weather, but you certainly get used to talking about it a lot. It’s a subject that appears in many conversations and there’s definitely loads to tell.

You can have it all in one day. Rain, sleet, sunshine, raninbow, the lot.. It seemed like summer has arrived and then we went straight back to winter. This Tuesday many opted for boots and I wore my faux fur gilet because it was that cold! But I think it’s meant to get better again and I can pull out my summer dresses once more and enjoy beautiful sunshine.

Like on the day couple of weeks ago when it was hot and there was not a cloud in the sky and I celebrated with my yellow dress to match the mood. Bright and happy 🙂

I bought the dress on ASOS website which you may have noticed I am slightly obsessed with. I literally check every day what’s new and shop there probably once a week if not more. I often tend to go for their own brand. It’s decent quality and the prices are great. You can’t go wrong. And the service is very good. By the way this is NOT a sponsored post I genuinely love them.

Case in point this dress. It was in the sale for £19 yes that’s £19!! and I couldn’t resist. I mean how could you? If you’re looking for a bargain this definitely is the place. They have something for every budget. But back to this dress. Doesn’t it just put a smile on your face? I think yellow is a really happy colour. Now we just need more sunshine so I can wear it again.

What is your favourite website to shop at?








Have a stylish day.


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