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8 things to do this summer


The official start of summer is fast approaching and all you might be thinking about is your vacation. But what about days off and weekends and long evenings.. What do you do with them? I’ve rounded up few things I’m planning to do and you may enjoy too to make the most of this great season.


  1. Spend time outdoor. Now is the time to be outside and enjoy the prettiest season. Everything is blossoming, the weather is nice, days are longer and I’m trying to spend as much time as possible outside. Whether it’s in numerous London’s parks (Regent’s (one of my favourite), Holland (if you haven’t visited the Japanese garden yet you must), St. James’, Hyde park (the rose garden is colourful right now and oh so pretty) to name a few) or just strolling along the river (Southbank is the place to be and there is always so much happening) to be indoors now seem such a shame. Although…
  2. Visit exhibition. Well there has been rain too and sometimes you just want to soak in some culture. The thing I love about London is the endless amount of museums and galleries and so much stuff you can see for free! I think people take it for granted but it really is amazing how much beautiful art you can see without spending a penny. I am definitely planning to the see the Cartier in motion (until July 28) at the Design museum and Balenciaga: Shaping fashion  (paid one) exhibitions in the coming weeks.
  3. Watch opera and/or ballet for free! I love both and this combines being outdoor and soaking up culture! Royal Opera House are doing 3 screenings live from Covent garden projected on big screens and you can watch it all for free. I mean how amazing is that? See you there.. Here’s all the details.


4. Eat and drink al fresco. It’s my favourite way to enjoy food and beverages and there are countless places to do that. Whether you meet up for coffee and cake with friends (Peggy Porschen and Laduree are always a good idea), go for brunch (Dalloway Terrace is next on my list) or go all out for something new (hello The Ned) there’s nothing more pleasant than enjoying something yummy in a good company with a sun shining above you.

5. Fill up your house with flowers. I’ve been buying peonies constantly (why is their season so short?) and also roses and can’t wait to make a trip to a flower field somewhere and pick some wild flowers. They are bound to make you smile. And let’s not forget levander! I am definitely planning a visit to levander field. Smells wonderful and is so photogenic.


6. Have a picnic. Take a blanket (extra points for pretty colourful one), fill a basket with all the things you like (for me it’s lot of fruit and cheese among other things) call your friends and have a catch up. I love picnics and BBQs because what’s better than food and friends combined?

7. Go to the beach. It’s good for the soul. I hardly ever go on beach holidays as a prefer city breaks and doing culture things rather than lying on the beach, but I make sure I spend at least few days there. There lots of lovely beaches not too far from London and I will definitely make at least couple of day or two days trips. Getting a tan and eating fish and chips by the seaside definitely must be done.

8. Take a trip. Get in a car, hop on a plane, take a bus or a train and go somewhere new. Or return to somewhere you really liked. I want to go to Cambridge as so far it’s my favourite place in England outside London. Have you been? It’s such a charming town. But I definitely want to see some new places too. Everything looks better in a sunshine and will make a better impression. Although it’s always nice to discover new destinations and it doesn’t even have to be far!

What are your plans this summer? What do you think I’ve forgotten but should have included?


Have a stylish day.


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