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Rosy life


Dress ASOS (from last year), sandals Prada, bag via Amazon, sunglasses Miu Miu, bracelet Lola Rose

Life is good. As I am writing this drinking my first coffee of the, the sun is shining and that fact alone is making me happy. I love sunshine and warm weather. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it countless of times but due to unpredictable British weather that’s not always guaranteed so I appreciate it even more when it’s nice.

Anyway as we’re nearly halfway through the year I wanted to do a little life update and how I’m doing with my monthly tasks and things in general. One of the main goals was to try to find a man (at 36 I feel a bit of pressure from people around me) and it hasn’t happened yet. It certainly doesn’t get any easier as you get older..

But the main goal is to be happy. Single or settled. Try new things, learn something new, visit new places and simply enjoy every day. And I think that’s going well. I feel content and positive. Life is not perfect but it never is. My big focus lately has been my blog and social media ( I am slightly obsessed with Instagram)  and as frustrating as it sometimes can be, it means being creative and I definitely  enjoy that.

I try to push myself and make my content interesting therefore really think about new locations for shoots or places to visit that are interesting and/or photogenic and it’s been a fun process. I hope you enjoy what I do and I am forever grateful for all your likes and comments and support.

On a completely different note, these Prada sandals are the most comfortable ever! I’ve walked through many cities in them including cobbled Rome and I just love them. I must say they are a bit scratched now after all that use and I definitely want to get them in another colour. Comfort is key and they look pretty too!

How are you all? I would love to know more about you.








Have a stylish day.



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