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Goodbye Summer


Dress ASOS, shoes Tabitha Simmons, sunglasses Chanel, bag via Amazon

I hate myself for saying this, but I’m sad to see summer go. And the worst thing is it happened so quickly! September is usually one of my favourite months because we get a nice Indian summer and this year nothing. It seems to have gotten freezing overnight. Or is it just me? I’ve been constantly cold last few days, started panicking and planning my winter wardrobe. I want to invest in a new winter coat and over the knee boots but more about that later.

Jumper season is here! But I couldn’t help but reminisce about one of the hottest day of the year when these photos were taken. Seems like ages ago. I love florals and why do they seem so wrong for Autumn? I guess it’s not too bad as some exciting things are coming.

Next month I’m going to visit a place that has been top of my list for this year and I’m very excited. I am planning my outfits already. Can you guess where it is? I have mentioned this place quite a few times on my blog. Anyway it’s less than 3 weeks away so stay tuned!

And after that I can fully immerse myself in the beauty of fall. Even though spring and summer are my favourite, there is something exciting about every season and I will try to make the most of it. I do love playing with the fallen leaves and Halloween is definitely a highlight of Autumn. What are you most looking forward to in the coming months?








Have a stylish day.



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