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How to get the best deals when online shopping


Jumper, jeans J Brand, bag Gucci, sunglasses Chanel, boots Zara (sold out)

I must admit in recent years, I’ve become rather addicted to online shopping. It’s so easy and convenient! Why go in to the shops and face crowds of people?! Especially during the sales.. And I have become quite an expert. Many people call me a Savvy shopper and I do like to get a good deal.

I love to mix high street and designer pieces and twice a year in the sales is the time I buy my designer pieces. I hardly ever buy designer items for full price! I must admit I work in a luxury department store where I get discount and buy some of my pieces there plus have friends in the right places who can occasionally get me discount at other brands.

At other times I also like to look for bargains on eBay (my recent very lucky purchase was a Celine Trapeze bag – hardly worn – for less than half price). You would have seen it on my blog and Insta. I am well happy about it and have been wearing it a lot. The only thing with eBay is you have to really check out the seller and get loads of photos of the items and certificates of authenticity. I tend to pick pieces which are buy now or nearest offer and try to haggle. People are usually willing to go down with the price and you sometimes (if they really want to sell) wouldn’t believe how much you can get the price down. Don’t be afraid to go quite low at first and then find a happy medium.

Throughout the year if I’m feeling I want to get some special pieces and there are no sales I like to check out TheOutnet. They sell older seasons of designer items and sometimes you can find really amazing pieces. The only thing is you have to be quick because availability is limited and the good stuff sells fast. But I’ve managed to get some nice items there over the years including half price Christian Louboutin shoes. Definitely worth checking out regularly.

But the seasonal sales are my heaven and every six months I try to stock up on some nice designer bargains. I always go for timeless pieces that will stand the test of time. Even in the sales some items can be very expensive and there is no point in buying something to wear for one season. Even though it may seem you are saving money, you are not.

The items I tend to go for during the sales are handbags (never too many), good quality coats (look for wool or cashmere content) – I am eyeing this one, cashmere jumpers (JCrew do nice selection and tend to really lower their prices), classic pair of jeans, nice pair of shoes ( I can hardly resist a pair of shoes for a good price and tend to buy at least one pair every season), designer underwear is always a welcome treat and for me the one that gives me most pleasure is something from Zimmerman.

It’s a brand I love but is very expensive. I’ve bought 3 dresses so far from them and all in the sale. They are all 100% cotton which I love and they are such a good quality you can tell from the way they look. My latest purchase during these sales was this one (I had my eye on it since full price for months) and I also really like this one.  I can’t wait for the summer to come so I can wear it.

But you can’t also beat good old Zara and ASOS either. You may save less, but every little helps. I shop on ASOS every month. I am a bit obsessed. Their service is second to none, it’s so easy and convenient and they have a great selection of items. Often I buy their own brand clothing but you can also find some nice designer pieces. The good thing with them is they do regular sales throughout the year so even there you don’t often have to pay full price. If I really really love something I buy it straightaway but if I like it and not the price I save it for later. I keep checking most days what’s new in and check what offers they have. Within few months your item is often discounted and you can buy it then. And if it’s not right, sending it back is so easy. It’s a non brainer really. People often tell me that I have an eye for finding the good stuff on ASOS that for them it can be a bit overwhelming to look for things (they do sell a lot of stuff) so I am planning to start doing a regular weekly or monthly wish list. Is that something you would be interested in?

This jumper I am wearing is from ASOS by Warehouse. It was originally £49 and went down to £34 and it’s really nice and cosy but unfortunately is sold out now. They will hate me for saying this but if you buy something make sure to keep the return forms. If price of something goes down within your return period, you can buy it again and return with the older form and save money. I sometimes do it and I’m sure I’m not the only one. We work hard to make our money so we need to make sure that we get the best deals. You are entitled to do it as long as they still have your size. That’s why I’m always saving everything in my wish list and keep checking prices regularly. Also don’t get discouraged if things are sold out. They always tend to come back in stock as people often return things or they may just get more delivered.

I’ve done quite well this sale season actually. Not bought too many items (I’m trying to be good) with the exception of the Zimmerman dress and I also bought a dress and a blazer from Zara (I love Zara blazers and jackets and they are a really good thing to look for in the sales too), wool mix jumper dress from Club Monaco and few bits from ASOS. Can’t wait to share them all with you in the coming months. Let’s hope it gets warmer soon!

I hope this post was helpful and you find some nice bargains. I will share more tips with you soon.

In the meantime why don’t you tell me what amazing sale finds you got? I’m interested!





Have a stylish day.


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