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How to beat those winter blues


Dress via ASOS (now half price!), boots ASOS old, bag Valentino

I don’t know about you but January can be a struggle for me. Yesterday I was feeling down all day for no reason. But when you get up and it’s dark and finish work and it’s dark and there is hardly any sunshine and it’s constantly grey it’s harder to be upbeat. We all suffer from winter blues unless you live somewhere where it’s nice and sunny all year round. But maybe those people get sad too.

It’s not just the weather anyway.  I think we all love that exciting time before Christmas, the anticipation of unwrapping presents, all the decorations everywhere.. It’s a wonderful time of the year. And then the celebrations of the year that has been and what’s to come. And suddenly it’s all over and there seems to be this big anticlimax. The winter has been too long by now, wearing boots and cosy jumpers is not a novelty any more and we seem to have nothing to look forward to. But I’ve come up with few ideas that make January and February (my two least favourite months) more bearable.

I’m not going to let winter win. Who’s with me? Starting with setting no unachievable New Year’s resolutions (they can only make you feel worse) but realistic goals. If you love chocolate and tell yourself you’ll have no chocolate at all for the rest of your life it can only make you miserable right? How about reducing the amount of chocolate. Or if you never exercise telling yourself you’ll exercise every day is probably going to be a big fail too. So start with small achievable targets like doing a bit of exercise at least once or twice a week. And then start adding up.

My main goal for this year (as I already mentioned in this post) is to concentrate on the blog. Being creative makes me happy and blogging makes me happy. Although sometimes I find it hard to find the balance between my full time job and spending time on the blog. But that’s the goal to find the balance and do more of what I love.

Also I think January is a good time to start planning some holidays. Not only there is a lot of good deals around, when you have something to look forward to it definitely makes grey days better. My plans for this year is to visit NYC, Florence, Barcelona and Amsterdam (let’s see how many I can tick off) and I’ve been looking at few websites already. Time to start booking! Also I may go for few day trips to Paris as I love them. They’re so easy to make from London. What places do you want to visit this year?

But all these things are long term or for the future. So how to make yourself happier now? Do things you enjoy and maybe try new things. It’s always great to discover something new and you may learn new things about yourself while you’re at it. When it’s grey and horrible outside there’s nothing better than getting under a blanket and get gripped by a good book (sometimes I find it hard to find time for it although I love books!) or visiting a museum or gallery. We’re very lucky here in London as there is so much on offer but I’m sure that where you live there are some exhibitions or other cultural stuff happening. Check your local papers or have a look on the internet.

I went to Paris on the 5th January to see the Dior exhibition and it was amazing. It made me so happy and inspired. There’s nothing to get your creative juices flowing than visiting an exhibition. See pictures here. There’s quite a few of them also here. And today I went to see a Harper’s Bazaar exhibition at the Fashion and Textile museum in London. There was some great photography on display and again it left me inspired. For me doing things like this really make life much better and while I love spending time outdoors I can’t think of anything better when it’s cold and miserable. I always share lots of insights on my instastories so even if you can’t go you can experience it so make sure you follow my Instagram.

Also this time of the year more than any is important to make time for your friends, meet up somewhere nice for coffee and cake and have a good old catch up. You will all feel better for it. And how about watching a movie? There seem to be quite a few coming out in the next few weeks. The two I definitely want to see are All the money in the world (real story about the Getty family) and Darkest hour (about Winston Churchill). What movies can’t you wait to see?

But there’s also little things you can do every day that can make you smile. Like buying yourself fresh flowers (or buying them for someone else), de-cluttering your wardrobe and making it ready for spring or even updating your living space. I’ve just been changing my bedroom after 3 and a half years and I’m very excited I’m doing it little by little but can’t wait to show you the final result.

Let me know your little tips on how to make winter more bearable. What keeps you going on those blues days? I can’t wait to hear.






Have a stylish day.



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